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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

It’s wonderful to be able to be the savior to all those who are in danger. 112 Operator will help you do it in the most specific and authentic way. Here you will transform into a security guard, on duty 24/7 at the switchboard. Receive calls from people in need and send the corresponding army. For example, a big fire needs firefighters, robbers need mobile teams, police, etc. Your city is always full of dangers and threats to the people. So to protect them, the most important thing is time. Because it only takes 1 minute to be late to lose a life. You will see the map on the main screen. Once the location has been identified, mark it in red so that the rescue team can receive the signal and come to the scene immediately. Direct them through the prepared walkie-talkie. Evacuate everyone to a safe place. In case there are too many incoming calls at the same time. Players need to divide up the rescue teams and assign them to the place. Let’s work as hard as possible so that everyone will be saved and no one will be left behind.

Download 112 Operator Mod – Become a rescue operator

In a crowded and bustling city, many members of society live together. The occurrence of an accident or theft, fire is common. So your mission is very important. Timely answer the phone of those who need your help. Mark and assign everything mechanically so that rescue teams leave quickly. Upon arrival, players need to operate via dedicated radios. If it’s a dangerous shooting, give the order to protect the people and help them get to the safest place, then deal with the rest of the scene. Collect evidence for criminal investigation. Use the most advanced and modern means of transportation when going to the rescue. It will help shorten the time to get to a dangerous place or chase a fugitive. From headquarters, your word is very important. So consider the situation carefully before making a decision. Otherwise, negative things are likely to happen. Let’s start experiencing this job with 112 Operator Mod in more detail.

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Important items

The rescue will not be successful without the use of life-saving tools. For example, a fire needs a powerful water jet, chasing dangerous criminals will require a gun, etc. However, those items are not free, you have to use the money to buy them in the shop. Regularly maintain and upgrade to use the best, without any risk. However, it is necessary to rely on the actual situation to use rescue means. A helicopter will not worry about traffic jams like cars. It helps to reduce time and save people as quickly as possible.

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Formation of armies

As a commander, you need to create armies to serve different jobs. For example Firefighters, police, army, mobile, etc. When there is an alarm from any force, that party will immediately move without waiting for the assignment as at the beginning. Let them participate in professional training sessions, train their bodies to perform their tasks in the best way. The initial pre-qualification before being admitted to one of the squads is very important. They need to ensure health, disease, and a healthy body, without any scars. You are the manager, so when an error occurs, you will be the first to take responsibility. So be careful in all actions and train the team well.

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Real-life situations

Gameplay gives you very realistic situations just like in real life. Your job is to handle it, in the most effective way. For example, a traffic accident or a bank robbery. There are different solutions for each case. Manage its employees in the most reasonable and fastest way, as long as people are safe. However, not all cases are true. There are mean citizens who always find a way to make fun of the rescue team. So please carefully consider the information, place and they give out so as not to waste time. Select situations to help those who are really in need.

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It feels so good to be able to help so many people. Work fairly and efficiently to get the results you want. Not afraid of hardships so that the people in the city are always safe. In addition to rescue, handle the dangers that threaten people. Like drug dealers or gangsters. Such situations need to be resolved thoroughly, to avoid leaving seeds of panic among the people. Download 112 Operator Mod to become the smartest rescue manager, helping the city to be peaceful and stable.

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