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3D Pool Ball Mod is a sports game, published by CanaryDroid. Inspired by the sport of Billiards loved by many people around the world. The gameplay is simple but highly entertaining. Requires participants to have creativity and skillful skills. More than that, you must have knowledge of Billiards, know how to apply physical impact to put the ball into the hole. In particular, the game uses sharp 3D graphics, along with realistic sound through each impact of the marbles. Give players a feeling like they are experiencing reality.

Download 3D Pool Ball Mod – Compete with Many Opponents on the Billiards Table

The gameplay of the 3D Pool Ball Mod is quite simple. You enter a 1vs1 random game, compete with your opponent to win. Your opponents are other online players, from all over the country. During the game, you and your opponent take turns poking Billiards. If the side scores a point, it will have an extra turn to continue to poke the ball. Use the cue ball to interact with other marbles, score points by dropping the number ball into the hole. At the end of the game, the side with the most points wins. Although the gameplay is quite simple, the player’s skill is quite high. If you cannot put the ball into the hole or let your opponent get more points, it will be counted as a loss.3D Pool Ball Mod

Online and offline mode

The game takes you to attractive billiards screens, along with 2 main game modes including online and offline. For offline mode, you play with the system of 3D Pool Ball Mod. Here, you get acquainted with the basic gameplay and practice your billiards skills. Not only that, you can improve your playing skills with different balls. Gain experience to develop skills, prepare for upcoming matches. Once you are confident enough, start participating in the online mode. This place gathers a lot of professional players, they come from many parts of the world. Prove yourself by showing your billiards skills, beat all teams to win.Download 3D Pool Ball Mod

The control mechanism, ball line display

The control mechanism of the 3D Pool Ball Mod is not too difficult for you to implement. The left side of the screen displays the ruler bar, which helps to adjust the coordinates and shooting angle of the club. You just need to touch and drag up and down to adjust the angle of the shot as you like. Likewise, the right side of the screen shows the force bar. You only need to drag and drop with a corresponding force to bring the cue ball to impact the other marbles. Although the control system is quite simple, it requires the most accurate shooting angle and force. Because of the force is too strong or too light, the ball will deflect and you will not be able to score. In addition, you can choose to display the ball line for easy observation. This feature is suitable for you to play at an early stage. But if you use it for a long time, you will feel bored because it is too easy to play. You can then turn off this feature to challenge yourself.Game 3D Pool Ball Mod

Multiple tournaments, win to rise to the leaderboard

In addition to participating in billiards levels, 3D Pool Ball Mod provides you with a lot of exciting tournaments. Each tournament offers a unique experience, along with a lot of attractive rewards. At the same time, you will compete with professional opponents, making the game screen extremely stressful. Winning each opponent in turn, you can rise to the national, even world-level rankings. Not stopping there, a series of accessories come such as treasure chests, lucky wheels. After unlocking, you have the opportunity to receive countless valuable rewards.

Realistic 3D graphics, realistic sounds

The graphics of the 3D Pool Ball Mod is an advantage that makes many players feel loved. The image is designed on a 3D platform, the billiards table and the marbles are designed very realistically. The movements of the marbles impacting each other is very realistic. Combined with the first-person perspective, it makes you feel like you’re playing at a real-life billiards table. What’s more, you can convert various 3D views. For example, the view from the top, helps you observe easily. In addition, the sound of the game is shown very realistically, through the marbles colliding with each other. Along with exciting background music, increase the excitement of players when participating.Ears 3D Pool Ball Mod

Coming to 3D Pool Ball Mod you can participate in interesting billiards levels. Enjoy moments of entertainment and compete against many other online players. Besides, the game provides more than 100 unique muscle trees. You can freely choose and find a tree that you like. Each level is created very quickly, you do not have to wait too long to start. Beat your opponent by scoring the most points, become the winner and fill your name on the leaderboard.

Download 3D Pool Ball Mod APK (Long Lines)

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