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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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3D Tennis Mod is a sports game, developed by Mouse Games. Inspired by the sport of tennis, with extremely interesting gameplay. Realistic 3D simulation game, giving you a realistic experience in matches. By participating in 1vs1 competitions, you can enjoy the top Tennis matches. Your opponents are professional Tennis players from all over the world. Compete with your opponent for each ball, show your skills to win against your opponent.

Download 3D Tennis Mod – Participate in Exciting Tennis Matches

3D Tennis Mod simulates the process of playing Tennis on the mobile platform. The game is designed and portrayed very realistically, every gesture and action of the players in the game are shown authentically. Along with the graphics built by the developer Mouse Games on the 3D platform. Create a lively space, with extremely interesting matches. Especially the interface of the game, neatly designed, optimizing redundant actions. Makes it easy to use and doesn’t have too many miscellaneous things to interrupt the game. Combined with a simple control mechanism, just touch and swipe on the screen to control the batting player.Download 3D Tennis Mod

Attractive gameplay

The gameplay of the 3D Tennis Mod takes place 1vs1. You enter the match against another opponent. Both sides will show their skills by hitting the ball and scoring points. The match lasted until one of the two sides scored all 5 goals. The winner will receive a bonus and can choose to play the next round.

Realistic effects

Effects are one of the factors that make 3D Tennis Mod so popular with the audience. To feel the great features of the game, you need to participate in the matches. Here, the effect shown is no different from the actual matches. For example, when you hit the ball, it will immediately return to the opponent’s side. Or when throwing the ball to play, the action of the player turning and swinging the racket is reproduced very realistically. Make you feel like you are participating in a real-life tennis match. Along with the perfect combination of physics and logic through each ball, creating an attractive match.Game 3D Tennis Mod

The control mechanism of the game

Another highlight of the 3D Tennis Mod that players cannot ignore is the control mechanism. Unlike other sports games, use the control keys to manipulate. Here, the player will automatically detect and run in the direction of the incoming ball. Your task is to align the drop and choose the most appropriate time to hit the ball back to the opponent. You just need to touch and swipe on the screen in the desired direction, the player will hit the ball in the direction you choose. Although the control system is nothing complicated. But your most difficulty is the timing of the ball, which requires very high precision. If you don’t hit the ball, your opponent will get extra points. Or sometimes you hit too hard, which can cause the ball to fly off the field, which also loses points.Ears 3D Tennis Mod

Lots of famous players

Possessing a diverse character system, 3D Tennis Mod helps you transform into one of the world’s top players. Here, you can choose from a number of players like Perla, Copllla, Matesovic, Townsend, Nadal, Djokovic,… and many more professional players waiting for you to discover. However, each player will have a different recruitment fee. You need to use the money received through the match to open too.

Top Leagues

Choose a favorite player to role-play, you will enter the world’s top tournaments. 3D Tennis Mod provides you with several tournaments like UK Grand Slam, Canada, Cincinnati, US Grand Slam,… and many more. Each tournament has attractive prize money, you need to pass each opponent, in turn, to advance to the final round. Here, win against your opponent to become the defending champion and win the cup. Then you will get a lot of bonuses. Also known by many people.3D Tennis Mod

As mentioned above, 3D Tennis Mod uses realistic 3D graphics. Each match will take place on a different field, with many unique colors. Along with vivid and realistic sound quality. The cheers in the stands, the whistle of the referee, and the sound of the ball. Everything is shown extremely vividly and realistically, making you feel excited when participating. 3D Tennis Mod promises to bring you the best experience. Not only playing the role of your favorite player, but you also discover many exciting tournaments. Combined with realistic gameplay, providing an interesting entertainment playground for participants.

Download 3D Tennis Mod APK 1.8.4 (Unlimited Money)

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