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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Money increase when spent

A4 Run Away Challenge Mode is a game quite suitable for players who want to be entertained and reduce stress. With simple gameplay and not too many scenes of fighting or killing, making players think. In order not to cause more nervous inhibition, fatigue for players after a long working day. The game developed by APM2 Studio takes you on extraordinary escapes. Try to avoid the enemies who want to chase you, if you are unfortunately caught, you will lose your life. While you are participating, will be taken to a limited place on the map. Not only with an enemy chasing, but will constantly appear, aiming to catch you fastest. So it also takes ingenuity in how to move, to have a chance to survive for a long time. And the game will not have a real end, but the longer you live, the more you will convert to points for the player’s character.

Download A4 Run Away Challenge Mod – The Endless Run

When experiencing the game, players will be playing the role of a guy, participating in the escape from the enemy. You will have to control how the character can live as long as possible, in the chase. So it really needs to be able to attract players when interacting directly with the game. A4 Run Away Challenge Mod has three parameters that you need to know. That is the survival time of the character as well as the number of likes. Both of those things you can decide when you don’t get caught up, how long you last, the time will increase as much. Along with the number of likes is also increased in proportion to how long you are alive. Enemies catch you they are very large, so they are designed so that you can also take them down. By tricking them into running at high speed, colliding with obstacles. Is the iron citadel or the container, pre-designed in the map of the match. Letting them crash into each other will also disappear, increasing your kill stats. All of that is to increase your score, try to constantly be able to break the record.A4 Run Away Challenge Mod

Characters and Upgrade System

You probably know that if the game only creates a single character, there will be no highlight. Because normally any game must have a character machine for players to choose from. A4 Run Away Challenge Mod is like that, each character is a different person. The shape, as well as the style, are also changed, created for each person. This will attract more people to join the chase. And of course, to own it, it takes a new fee to be able to unlock and use it. If you don’t have the money to pay, that’s okay, it’s entirely your choice. You can also choose to upgrade, which increases your ability to escape the chase easily. Make sure your life is more stable, especially when the enemy chases you too much. It only takes a few likes, it is possible to increase the health of the character you choose.Download A4 Run Away Challenge Mod

Explore Multiple Areas

A4 Run Away Challenge Mod is designed with many areas, not letting the game be monotonous with a certain map. The game can only afford to use, participate in levels with a single map. But that’s not all, there are many different areas for players to try out, which must be unlocked to enter. With a map is built for different, no two Map is the same. The surrounding scenery, even the objects placed in the area are changed, in a different location.Game A4 Run Away Challenge Mod

Challenge Friends

You’ve probably also seen the A4 Run Away Challenge game that relies on running away from chasers. Destroy by letting them crash into each other. All for the purpose of living for as long as possible. Because the score of the game is proportional to the amount of time you control for the fleeing character to be alive. From there, you can show everyone your score. Seeing the magnitude will also assess the ability. Thus, the game players have the motivation to strive, everyone wants to get a high score. Challenge your friends to play, let everyone know who is the best.Ear A4 Run Away Challenge Mod

A4 Run Away Challenge although you just have to try to escape the chase, running is the only thing to do. Live for a long time and destroy many enemies chasing you. But there are also many things the game is designed for that you can own to increase your survivability. So with this version, there is an unlocked Mod for you to get the full experience of the game. Like being able to use all the characters without having to pay, the areas are reserved for different levels. Or Mod infinite like, let you upgrade your character, get the highest ability.

Download A4 Run Away Challenge Mod APK 1.64 (Unlimited Money)

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