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Adventure Reborn Mod is set in a fictional post-apocalyptic world. When the atmosphere is widely spread and spread to the whole world. The landscape and environment are heavily polluted. Make everything fall into disrepair. This is an adventure game, with the adventurous journey of the character Hope. Puzzle-style game. With a plot full of twists and turns, you will be the one to decipher them. The puzzles solved will have an impact and change the plot of the game. This is a prominent factor directed by the publisher Dali Games: adventure games. Any decision you make will change the story later. At the same time, you get to meet a lot of different characters on your adventure. They are NPC characters that appear in the story.

Download Adventure Reborn Mod – Hope’s Adventure in the Post-Apocalyptic World

The content of Adventure Reborn Mod revolves around a brave girl Hope. During the journey to save her father, her mother is being taken away by the evil Dr. Crow. He has the backing of great power behind him. With a terrifying plot, it is possible to cause the entire human race to perish. Now you play as the character Hope. Enter the adventure in the post-apocalyptic world. Rescue your father and mother before being harmed by a toxic doctor. At the same time destroy his plans, as well as the forces behind them.Download Adventure Reborn Mod

Style play

The gameplay of Adventure Reborn Mod has a puzzle style. In your adventure in the post-apocalyptic world. You will encounter a lot of different puzzles. As well as having the opportunity to meet other NPC characters. They are the ones who are lucky to survive in the toxic atmosphere that is spreading widely. Through conversations with them, you will find answers to your questions. From there, you will gradually uncover the terrifying secrets that Dr. Crow is hiding. Complete each puzzle in turn to continue your adventure. From there, you will rescue your father and mother who are being held by the doctor.Tai Adventure Reborn Mod

Pay attention to puzzles and suggestions from NPC characters

During the adventure at Adventure Reborn Mod. You need to pay attention to the puzzles encountered. Each decision made will change the plot of the game later. Could be for the better or for the worse. Therefore, before taking any action. You need to think carefully and make the right decision. In parallel with that, in conversations with NPC characters. You need to pay attention to what they have to say. Because they are the most important factors for you to find the answers to the questions you are looking for. The hints from them will help you pass the puzzle. However, you need to help the NPC character do something in return for their suggestion. From there, you will get what you are wondering or more.Adventure Reborn Mod

Hundreds of puzzles, principles, examples

Hundreds of different puzzles for you to explore. Each puzzle of Adventure Reborn Mod is a task full of difficulty. Requires your puzzle skills, thinking, and logic to pass. With a general rule, before completing a puzzle. You need to make a trade-off with your actions. By doing something, help the NPC character achieve what he wants. For example when you want to listen to the conversation between the henchmen and Dr. Crow. You need to help the witch fix the radio. By finding the circuit board and using the battery to activate. Then you will complete the quest, as well as pass the puzzle successfully. Keep coming up with more difficult challenges.

Graphics, sound

Adventure Reborn Mod’s graphics are impressively designed. With a heavily polluted environment, toxic air is clearly displayed in each location. The figure of the character Hope is designed in an adventurer costume. As well as other NPC characters. They are designed to look scary because they have been poisoned. Besides, the sound is lively in NPC characters’ conversations. Or the dialogue with different tones of the henchmen and Dr. Crow. At the same time the music melodies every time you do something. Re-imagined, keeping your adventure from getting boring.Game Adventure Reborn Mod

Go through the puzzle journey at Adventure Reborn Mod. Players will have the opportunity to find answers to all questions related to the Hope family. From why her father and mother were arrested by Dr. Crow, it has nothing to do with the organization behind. Find out the scary plot they are trying to carry out. What role do Hope’s father and mother play in that plan? You even find out what the reason for your presence on this journey is. Various puzzles will be unlocked during the adventure.

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