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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

AirAttack 2 simulates fierce air battles between hostile factions. Causing painful loss, heavy damage to humanity. Participating in the gameplay, the player will become a pilot, tasked with protecting the righteous side. Quickly end the war, return a peaceful and peaceful life to the good people. Entering the game screen means you are facing death. Must know how to take advantage of every opportunity to attack and defeat the enemy. Always be alert, calm, and intelligently handle unexpected situations. Dodge enemy bullets or collide with other aircraft. Otherwise, it will cause your fighter to crash. Affects performance even stopping the game immediately. Collect coins and items along the way. These are things that will help you a lot. Practice regularly to master the aircraft. And accumulate a lot of experience, can create smart, cool tactics. Equip yourself with the most powerful and advanced weapons. Will be ready and confident to conquer difficult levels. Gameplay owns 3D graphics to help you observe the scene from all angles. Vivid sound recreates the air battle in the most realistic way.

Download AirAttack 2 Mod – Fight for a beautiful ideal

AirAttack 2 Mod has rich game modes such as PvE and PvP. Depending on your level and ability, choose accordingly. To complete the task quickly, the most effective method is to fight with teammates. Will improve survivability, save time. Because they always support behind, helping you avoid enemy damage. Work together to attack them continuously, without having time to turn back. In just a moment, the enemy plane was shot down and fell to the ground or sunk into the ocean. The controller of the gameplay is designed quite simply to help players get used to it easily. And quickly get caught up in the pace of the battle. You just need to swipe left and right to move the plane’s direction. Dodge obstacles and enemy bullets. When meeting an enemy, adjust the exact firing coordinates and press the fire button. The rocket will continuously eject, burn their warplanes until they fall to the ground. Collect a lot of coins to buy the things you want. And the items on the road help improve the engine, increase the resistance and damage of the aircraft. Capable of conquering PvP matches, competing with gamers around the world.

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Fierce battle in the air

Players will be overwhelmed by the chaotic situation in the sky. Enemies attack madly, bullets like storms. Will cause you to die at any time if you let your guard down. Control your warplanes flexibly, so that they don’t have a chance to get close to attack. Equipped with the best engine, powerful weapons, rockets. Can destroy the enemy from a long distance and ensure safety. Take every opportunity to shoot them down, do not hesitate or yield. Must always be decisive and alert because the enemy is extremely cunning and sinister. This is a playground only for the strong, smart, and vice versa.

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Aircraft system

AirAttack 2 Mod owns dozens of modern fighters. All are designed based on reality to make it easy for players to access. For example Tupolev, Nighthawk, Raven, Myasishchev, etc… They have the best engine, have dizzyingly fast movement speed. In addition, players also own a modern weapon system, mounted on the fuselage. With unlimited energy, it can discharge bullets and rockets comfortably. Gameplay allows customizing the appearance of the aircraft. Therefore, you can change the color you love or assemble other accessories. Make it stand out and attract everyone’s attention. And distract the enemy, create favorable opportunities to attack, firmly grasp the victory.

AirAttack 2 mod

Images and effects

With the excellent quality of 3D graphics, every image in the gameplay is extremely sharp. Harmonious colors contribute to making the scene more vivid and magnificent. Rich battle locations, players are free to enjoy and explore. Impressive airplane shapes, vibrant and unique colors stimulate gamers. Flashy, shimmering effects appear every time a rocket is launched or an explosion occurs. In particular, players can feel the vibration of everything on the ground every time it is bombed. Exciting background music encourages the player’s fighting spirit to always rise. Various sounds of different aircraft engines, rockets, bombs exploding, etc.

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Come to AirAttack 2 to own a powerful fighter to participate in brutal battlefields. At the same time realize the dream of seeing all the beautiful scenery in the world. Gameplay allows players to experience the dangerous jobs that a pilot has to face. Conquer all levels to get valuable rewards and get your name on the gold board. Download AirAttack 2 Mod to join the fierce battle in the air, protect the righteous, return the inherent peace of man.

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