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Experience the puzzles in the game Alchemy: Forge of Gods Mod by developer Jolis. Players can use natural elements to build a new world. Use your creative skills to overcome the puzzles that the system offers. Successfully completing each turn will help you receive a lot of attractive rewards. However, everything is easy only at the beginning, over time, the challenge will increase. In addition to puzzle skills, you need to learn from previous puzzles. The game belongs to that kind of puzzle game, with questions related to the elements. Promises to bring you the most interesting and attractive puzzles.

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Become a blacksmith in Alchemy: Forge of Gods Mod with crafting quests. However, it is not necessary to make weapons to participate in war or business. Instead, you craft elements and items for the gods. The place you craft is a sacred place in outer space. Your crafting items don’t have to be metal or primitive tools. It is the natural elements, which carry great power. Here, you need to choose 2 elements to combine together. Once the combination is complete, you will create a new element. Crafting like this will give you a diverse collection of elements. Although you are free to choose which elements to merge together. But you need to craft the right elements that the gods require to complete the quest.Alchemy Forge of Gods Mod

Creative freedom, choose 2 elements to merge

There is no limit in Alchemy: Forge of Gods Mod. Here, you can unleash your creativity and merge elements as you wish. Likewise, the process of making elements is quite simple. With the extensive gameplay provided by developer Jolis, you can choose any 2 elements to merge. This allows players to improve their thinking through each elemental fusion. In particular, there will not be any elements that can affect your elemental crafting process. The variety of elements depends on your creativity. Create new elements in turn, gradually, you will own a collection of natural elements.Download Alchemy Forge of Gods Mod

6 major elements, more than 170 different elements

The most outstanding feature of Alchemy: Forge of Gods Mod is the crafting of elements. The game has 6 main elements including fire, water, air, darkness, light, and earth. From those 6 elements, you can create more than 170 different elements. For example, fire and water will create lightning, water and earth will create a reservoir of water. Or other elements like the sun, a candle, even a vase of flowers and a fish. After each successful merge an element corresponding to the given task. You will receive precious crystals. They are the main currency in the game.Tai Alchemy Forge of Gods Mod

Detailed instructions, increasing difficulty

At the beginning of Alchemy: Forge of Gods Mod the place is quite simple. The system will guide you through the detailed steps to perform element merge. 3 icons in the middle of the screen correspond to the task you need to do. Select 2 elements, merge them together to create a corresponding element. Every time you merge successfully, you will get crystals from the system. However, the difficulty of the game will increase over time. After each time you find the corresponding element, you will have a hard time continuing your blacksmith duties. Because it can take many times to merge to find a corresponding element. But that is what stimulates your thinking to be able to create many new elements.

The ability to be creative, use hints when necessary

Alchemy: Forge of Gods Mod as a puzzle game. Requires your thinking ability and creativity to find the corresponding elements. But sometimes you run out of ideas or don’t know how to continue your task. At this point can use the hint that the game provides. That makes it easy to find a solution, by choosing which elements to merge. However, the number of suggestions is limited. So you need to use it sparingly or when absolutely necessary.Game Alchemy Forge of Gods Mod

The graphics of Alchemy: Forge of Gods Mod is used in quality 3D. However, the image of the game is not too vivid. Because the elements in the game are only designed in the style of symbols. For example, the element of fire is designed in the form of a flame. Or the water element is designed in the shape of a drop of water. Besides, the sound of the game is played throughout your experience. Soft background music, along with soothing melodies. Make you feel relaxed.

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