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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Alto’s Odyssey Mod is an action game published by Noodlecake Studios Inc. Following the success of its predecessor, the developer continues to launch a new game on the market. With off-road style, players will experience sliding in the desert environment. The story revolves around the character Alto’s, with the task of running away from the white apes chasing behind. Here the player will control the character to move on large lands. Cross dangerous roads and dodge obstacles. Especially you will feel many vivid scenes between day and night. Or sunny weather in extreme heat conditions.

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If in the previous series, the character will have to slide through the snowy mountains to find the camels. Then in Alto’s Odyssey Mod, players will help Alto’s character run away from the mischievous white apes. The gameplay of the game is quite simple, you will quickly get used to it in the shortest time. Along with the easy control system, players only need to perform basic 1-touch operations. To help the character jump up and dodge the obstacles that appear on the road. During the move, you can perform acrobatic skills in the air. However, this is very dangerous because it can cause an accident that causes the character to fall. Requires players to have a flexible skill and accurate distance. Help the character reach the ground safely and continue the journey.Alto's Odyssey Mod

Overcoming obstacles

In the journey to escape from the chimpanzees, players will encounter a lot of gold. They appear scattered everywhere, you need to collect as many as possible. Along with that, Alto’s Odyssey Mod appeared with a lot of obstacles. Examples include rocks, cactus, and rough terrain. There will be many slopes and valleys for you to explore, even large puddles. Every time you come into contact with them, the character’s speed will increase faster. For example, when sliding down the slopes, the speed will increase very quickly, making you can be in danger at any time. Because sometimes at the foot of the slopes are obstacles waiting. Make you watch from afar and carefully to quickly jump and dodge. If you accidentally fall, you will lose and have to start over.Download Alto's Odyssey Mod

Diverse environment

The environment of Alto’s Odyssey Mod is very diverse. Help players freely explore and experience many majestic natural scenes. From sunny desert regions, ancient temples in the city to majestic canyons. All are reproduced very richly, helping you feel the beautiful majestic landscape. However, the environment is a factor that directly affects your journey. Especially the dark game screens, it will make it very difficult for you to see and recognize where the obstacles are. Even sometimes you will be mistaken and ignore the gold coins. In addition, sandstorms and tornadoes will appear suddenly, making it very difficult for you to overcome. Not stopping there, the fast-flowing water will help you overcome the terrain very quickly.Game Alto's Odyssey Mod

Support tools

Besides, Alto’s Odyssey Mod provides you with some tools to support your journey. For example, a magnet will help you suck up all gold coins in a certain time. Or the purple star, which helps the character to be safely protected against all obstacles. In addition, each game screen will be based on your achievements to calculate the number of stars from 1 to 3. The higher the number of stars, the more bonuses you will receive. Using that money, players can upgrade their characters or buy necessary items. The game’s character system consists of 6 people. Each character carries unique items and abilities. However, they are not completely free, instead, players have to spend a corresponding amount of money to unlock them.Tai Alto's Odyssey Mod

Character creation is depicted in a fun style combined with flexible movements. Especially the effects of day and night, sunshine, rain, and thunder are displayed very realistically. Along with fun sound quality, expressed through interesting music. Will make players even more excited to participate. Not stopping there, you will feel a lot of exciting moments when facing a tornado. Or overcome obstacles in hot weather, everything is displayed in a very realistic way.

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