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Update October 8, 2021 (2 years ago)

Animus: Revenant Mod is an action RPG game from developer TENBIRDS. With 1vs1 combat gameplay through fierce battles. Along with stunning skill effects, giving you more exciting battles than ever before. Role-play as a shadow warrior to carry out the assigned task. Bear the responsibility on your shoulders, with the task of protecting humanity. You will have to face many enemies of a world shrouded in darkness. There are more and more people with potential power. A warrior’s journey to protect humanity becomes increasingly difficult as he moves deeper into battle. The game is designed in a storytelling style. With conversations, dialogue in quests. From there, you will not feel alone when you have to fight alone to protect the world.

Download Animus: Revenant Mod – Become a Warrior To Protect Humanity

Background of Animus: Revenant Mod opens in the Middle Ages. After countless battles before, mankind could live in a peaceful country. While everyone is enjoying living happily. Together develop and build a strong empire at that time. Another disaster began to strike unexpectedly. The dark force appeared, followed by an army of elite soldiers. Their purpose is to take over this vast land for domination. Causing people to once again fall into misery by exploitation. Once again, the world needs a brave warrior. No one but you, destroy all enemies to protect humanity. Bring the country out of the darkness of the rule of the dark forces. At the same time explore new lands to expand the territory.Animus Revenant Mod

Meet NPC characters, fight enemies

Begin the journey of a warrior in Animus: Revenant Mod. You will meet a lot of NPC characters. Through conversations, you will know the task to be performed. As well as being directed to move to many different locations. Medieval soldiers are enemies you have to fight throughout your journey. They can appear anywhere in your adventure. Through 1vs1 battles, defeat them to advance further. Use the skills of a brave warrior. Attacks enemies with critical hits, turning them to ashes. From there, you will continue to move to new lands. Your mission lasts until the final battle is completed. It is to defeat the boss with outstanding strength.Tai Animus Revenant Mod

Battle with the boss

The boss battle is the biggest challenge in a quest in Animus: Revenant Mod. Boss possesses outstanding strength, with its own unique stats. Including a tall body, a huge amount of health, strong defense, high damage. Makes you very hard to beat. Requires smart tactics to be able to maintain the best combat status. Use all the skills of a warrior to attack the boss. Combined with quick reflexes, move flexibly to avoid critical hits. Also attack quickly to make the boss drain health. After defeating the boss, you will complete the quest, continue to the new quest. The difficulty also increases with each level of play. At the same time, the reward you receive is also more than before.Download Animus Revenant Mod

Some other missions

In addition to the quests according to the story. Animus: Revenant Mod also provides some other quests for you to explore. Each mission has its own gameplay and rules that you need to follow. When it comes to side quests, you can earn a lot more loot. Although the challenge is not as difficult as the main quest. But you can still lose your life when fighting with soldiers. Or join the mysterious lore quest. Here, you will discover the stories of the Middle Ages. With mysteries to be revealed through battles. Also, have the opportunity to collect legendary items. No matter what mission you join, you have no choice but to fight. Only killing the enemy can help you go further in each mission.Game Animus Revenant Mod

Upgrading warriors is a very important factor for you to overcome all the challenges of Animus: Revenant Mod. Use the loot collected to craft weapons, armor, and accessories. Then equipping the character will help the combat stats be increased. Each piece of equipment will increase its own attribute. The weapon will deal increased damage on each hit that hits an enemy. Armor increases defense, can withstand many hits from enemies. Or accessories will increase movement speed and health. Fully equip the warrior, so that he can fight stronger in difficult challenges.

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