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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

You will become the fear of the notorious monster hunter when you join Arcade Hunter. Use guns, bows, crossbows, etc…. To shoot down the enemy. The system will give you tasks and require you to go to a specific place. Conquering all locations will help you gain more experience, increase strength. On this journey, you can collect items and gold coins. Use those to serve to conquer new locations. When you go into the lair of monsters, you will face many dangers. In addition to the enemy, there are also obstacles and traps. Be very careful in every move. Observe where they are and plan to destroy them all. The deeper you go into the number of monsters will increase 1 day higher.

Download Arcade Hunter Mod – Become the best monster hunter

This hunter job is extremely dangerous. When facing an excessive number of monsters, you will be able to lose blood and reduce physical strength. Equip your warriors with full armor, items, weapons, etc. To be able to adapt to this harsh environment. Arcade Hunter Mod has similar gameplay to the games of the same genre. However, in each game screen, the map will be limited to a certain range. You can’t run away from that distance. It is necessary to have a calculation when being attacked by monsters, move reasonably so as not to lose much HP. Choose for your warrior the skills suitable for each level of play. Finish trying to upgrade your hero’s power. Make sure you have enough strength to be able to start conquering new locations. When preparing to finish the game screen, the system will have a challenge with extremely high difficulty for the player. There are very few ways to overcome, you should learn carefully so that you do not have to admit failure.

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Hero system

There are more than 100 heroes for gamers to experience. Their appearance all has a unique and eye-catching feature. Depending on his gender, the player can choose the appropriate character. The publisher focuses and invests a lot in building and developing the image of heroic warriors. You will see the details on their bodies are designed meticulously and sophisticatedly. Everyone has their own style and no two are alike. You need to spend a number of coins to be able to own the characters you want.

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Rich arsenal

As a monster hunter, you need to have modern weapons, strong attack power. To be able to fight and defeat the most dangerous monsters. At the beginning of the game, the system will give you a free crossbow. The damage is not too great, but it is enough to defeat low-level monsters. When it comes to more difficult tasks and challenges, unlock and buy new weapons. Make sure you have enough power to help you complete the assigned system challenges with ease.

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System of skills and equipment

The character’s equipment and combat skills are extremely diverse. Lots of choices for you to equip your warriors. The moves are an indispensable thing, an important factor determining your victory. Each character has a lot of skills for you to choose from at each level. You can bring up to 3 moves at a time and can only be changed after the end of the game. Learn about the information of those skills and equipment to be able to defeat the monsters quickly, without much effort.


Arcade Hunter Mod has really good image quality. The most prominent is the game’s round characters that are designed extremely meticulously and in detail. Players seem to be immersed, immersed in a new world. Transform into heroic warriors who specialize in hunting monsters. The scene of the enemy’s lair appears quite attractive and eye-catching. Although it is a fighting game, it has an entertainment style, so the context is relatively light. Vivid sound creates a sense of excitement for players.

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In this journey to conquer death, players need to always change and upgrade their own strength. Don’t give monsters a chance to come close to attack you. Update more new equipment and weapons for your warriors. Constantly practicing to improve skills, move flexibly, turn more virtual. Fighting in PvP mode, you will have the support and help of your teammates. Download Arcade Hunter Mod to smash all the monsters’ lairs.

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