Download Arcane Quest Legends Mod APK 1.3.0 (Menu/Disable enemies, lots of gold)

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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • mod menu
  • stupid enemy
  • Drop 500k gold


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Arcane Quest Legends simulates a gloomy battlespace in a dangerous dungeon. This place is the lair of countless monsters and the evil dark lord. They are proceeding to invade the human world, in order to take over the whole earth. Participating in the gameplay, the player will transform into a warrior possessing outstanding strength. Go on a mission to stop evil plots and purge all monsters that have completely disappeared on the human planet. This is really a tough and dangerous challenge. Because the enemy is extremely ferocious and large. Especially the lord, possessing the power of a dark force, extremely sinister. To destroy all of them requires you to have skills, combat experience, and a smart mind. Knowing how to take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses can defeat them easily. The system will provide weapons and armor to help players confidently enter fierce battles. With engaging gameplay and a diverse mission system. It will give gamers an unforgettable experience.

Download Arcane Quest Legends Mod – Fight to complete the noble mission

Enter a world with tons of monsters waiting in Arcane Quest Legends Mod. They have a scary appearance, extremely scary. Make sure you are a fan of the horror game genre. Can conquer all levels, destroy all kinds of monsters. They will hide in the dark, attacking players by surprise. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful, look around, and be able to judge the dangers. To give the most effective way to handle unfavorable situations. Let’s destroy the attackers, take your life. In addition, on the way, there will be dangerous traps that have been arranged and take the player’s life at any time. So, control the character to dodge them skillfully. Move the character everywhere, destroy all monsters. To quickly complete tasks and receive attractive rewards. Let’s collect precious items that will appear on the way. They are effective tools to support players to increase strength, heal, and improve the basic stats of the character’s body.

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Style play

When new to Arcane Quest Legends Mod, players will choose a profession that suits their skills such as swordsman, gunner, archer, etc. Then they will be acquainted with matches at an easy level. To understand the gameplay and the features included in the gameplay. On the screen, there will be virtual keys to help players move the character flexibly. And launch attacks to attack the enemy continuously. Each character will have a separate HP bar. Control your warriors to avoid enemy damage so as not to lose too much health and lead to death. Take advantage of the opportunity when the enemy is low on health, unleashing continuous attacks. Make them fall in an instant.

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Weapon system

Arcane Quest Legends Mod owns a massive arsenal, diverse genres for players to choose from. They are carefully designed to deal with high damage. There are both melee weapons and distance combat, so players can completely change continuously to suit each battle situation. For example Machine guns, rifles, bows, knives, swords, etc. In addition, equip yourself with tools to help protect your body such as Shields, armor, medical tools, etc. Against a formidable foe, players cannot lack modern weapons and items that improve survivability.

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Dramatic battle with monsters

Along the way will appear ordinary monsters. So players can easily defeat with just a few simple moves. The deeper you go into the basement, the more dangerous it is. Enemies are many times stronger, you need to have a smart strategy. It is only possible to defeat them and ensure life safety. The most important task that the player must complete is to destroy the dark lord. It is he who is the source of death and chaos in the world. By all means, destroy this evil boss. Gather all the items you have accumulated for so long to maximize your power. Taking advantage of loopholes and surprise attacks made him unable to react and was quickly defeated.

Arcane Quest Legends mod

Classic graphics

Arcane Quest Legends Mod is designed in the form of classic graphics. Helps to realistically simulate the medieval world. The scene in the game mostly has dark tones as the main theme. So it will create a bit of a mysterious feeling but not too scary for all gamers to experience. Shape the character like the knights in the legend. Wearing iron armor shows a strong personality and majestic demeanor. The effects will appear every time the character launches a move to impress the player. Dramatic background music adds to the attraction and attraction in each battle. Various sounds of guns, monsters, etc.

Go on an adventure to the medieval world of Arcane Quest Legends on a quest. Get involved in the battles in the mysterious dungeon. Use all the warrior’s power to destroy the evil monsters. And rescue humanity from the forces of darkness. Players have the opportunity to discover the mysteries in the dungeon full of death. Download Arcane Quest Legends Mod conquer all the difficult missions and become the legendary hero in history.

Download Arcane Quest Legends Mod APK 1.3.0 (Menu/Disable Enemy, Lots of Gold)

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