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The story of Arctictopia Mod revolves around the adventures of the mother white bear. With the setting taking place in the arctic ocean, where it is cold, it is covered with snow and ice all year round. Facing extreme weather, with environmental warming. The ice sheets have begun to melt. Meanwhile, the cubs have been lost from their mother. Join the game, you will play the role of a mother white bear. Embark on a journey to find the missing cubs. A challenging adventure awaits you ahead. Faced with increasing ambient temperature. Ice sheets are slowly melting over time. You need to quickly find the cubs again before the ice melts completely. Help the mother and the white bear to be reunited.

Download Arctictopia Mod – Ice Bear’s Journey Mother Rescues Baby Bear

The gameplay of Arctictopia Mod has a puzzle style. In a large lake, ice sheets appear on the surface lake. Baby bear is lost on an iceberg. Your task is to take the mother panda across the water to reach the location of the cub. Each iceberg on the lake can only last for a short period of time. After using the paddle to surf on the lake. The iceberg will gradually melt. Therefore, you need to use your puzzle skills to find a safe path, leading to the position of the standing bear. Watch for icebergs to appear on the lake’s surface. Moving on each iceberg in turn, you will help the mother white bear find her lost cubs. From there will complete the task, continue to the next challenge.Download Arctictopia Mod

Obstacles appear in the lake

In the journey of the mother polar bear to rescue her cubs in Arctictopia Mod. There are many obstacles that the mother polar bear has to face. It’s not just the icebergs that gradually melt when paddling on the lake’s surface. The fast currents and strong waves also cause great obstacles. If they move into those waves, they will cause the iceberg to be swept away. This results in the mother polar bear not being able to move to the next iceberg. Causing the mother white bear to fall into the lake. Besides, the size of the ice sheets is also not the same. The larger the size, the more thickness will help the mother white bear to move further. In contrast, small ice sheets melt very quickly. Even as soon as she jumped up, the mother polar bear had not been able to move and was submerged in the lake.Arctictopia Mod

10 mechanics divided into 150 levels of play

The game has a total of 10 unique mechanics, divided into 150 different levels of play. In the early stages of Arctictopia Mod, the levels are quite simple. The distance from the mother white bear to the position of the cub is quite short. Icebergs with thick and large sizes appear many. Make it easy for you to cross rivers to rescue the cubs. However, the difficulty of each level will be increased when you complete the current mission. Not only the distance, but the number of icebergs appears less. As well as the appearance of more waves, the cleavage of the ice sheets is reduced. Moreover, the higher the level, the higher the level. You will have to face dangerous sharks. Just a small mistake will cause the mother white bear to lose her life. Requiring your puzzle skills, find the safest way to move.Arctictopia Mod

Reward received

After completing each level play of Arctictopia Mod. You will receive attractive rewards for your efforts. The delicious bear cakes are the reward for completing the challenge. By bravery, intelligent puzzle-solving ability, ingenuity in the process of moving on the lake. Your reward will be increasingly increased after completing difficult tasks. At the same time, you will be reunited with the cubs. Share the joy with seals and penguins.Tai Arctictopia Mod

With the context of Arctictopia Mod opens in the arctic ocean. In an environment covered with ice and snow, the same scene is faithfully recreated. Incorporate picture quality designed in a painting style. With pen lines that are expressed very realistically. The actions of the mother white bear during the puzzle are shown very logically. From jumping to another iceberg, to being submerged in a lake. Or act joyfully when a mother polar bear rescues her cubs. Surrounded by seals and penguins. Impressively reproduced.

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