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Update October 24, 2021 (2 years ago)
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You have experienced fighting games, participating in intense battles, gun battles between teams or players. But the characters you control are ordinary people. Armored Squad Mod is developed by FoxForce Games designed to be the same battles, shooting clashes. But the characters in this game are robots, robots that catch the eye of the player. They not only shoot simple guns but also have the advantages of functions that only robots have. Have you ever watched a movie and seen robots fighting? Robots in the game have all colors and different abilities, their strength is better than humans, so their battle is also somewhat superior to human-to-human matches.

Download Armored Squad Mod – Exciting Battle Of Robots

Experiencing FPS shooting games where the characters are shooting each other, guns or terrain are simulated like in real life, many people must have known. But Armored Squad Mod with the world as well as the characters is somewhat sci-fi. The matches are the battles of robots and robots, and the map is simplified, not too detailed, and the obstacles are simply colored blocks. The battle of the robots is really new to the player, what can only be imagined in the movies now you are the controller to fight the enemy. You will control a robot with the default set of buttons on the screen, just a little try to be able to play. Very fast to keep up with the character speed with the gun to win the wars.Game Armored Squad Mod

If you find yourself able to play, you can choose to play solo against others or play with teammates. Will rely on the unity of the whole team to find reasonable measures to coordinate well to become a winning team. Single-player is completely based on your own skills to avoid or rely on thinking to attack the enemy completely based on the ability to skillfully control the appropriate character. Playing in a team will be two teams with the same number of players. Members compete against each other. Will count the number of deaths as well as kills to see which team wins, so a combination of planning or for the whole team will be an advantage to bring the whole team to victory, your skills are also a part. The robots that fight each other, the fire damage is done to each other or the battle will also make you suffocate, the quick battle will create beautiful fighting scenes.

New Equipment

Hack Armored Squad is a shooting game of robots with unusual equipment but must be heavy weapons that deal great damage. Like a laser gun, wielding a large sword and a variety of different guns. Equipping yourself with the appropriate item based on each match, the victory rate of destroying the enemy will be increased. In addition to the main weapons, there are also some auxiliary things that can decide your victory or defeat, because in battles anything that can happen even a little is an advantage. Another great point of this game is that your character can change its shape by your decision. With the available items along with a little creativity in the idea to make your character have the beautiful shape as well as the power it brings.Armored Squad Mod

Unique Graphics

Game Armored Squad Mod with combat gameplay is mainly tense gunfights but with a bold new idea. Completely changed the way you think about shooters, a unique initiative that gives the feeling of wanting to try the game. Characters or images are completely different, building the character’s image into machines, but not in a rigid way of shaping, but so that players can design themselves a character to their liking. The field is also built in the form of animated blocks. It will be a game that you will love when the experience is interesting in the gameplay, the images are attractive even for children.

When participating in the game Armored Squad Mod as soon as you enter, you have Unlimited Money, a huge amount of money, to help your Robots have full equipment, get high strength to win all opponents. player. You will no longer have to worry about making extra money, but you will be able to practice hard to compete. There is also the feature of Unlocking things that were not available at first, now everything can be used. The Robots need to spend some time trying to accumulate to open, but now it is no longer time-consuming. Everything is available to experience the game in the most comfortable way, choose for yourself everything reasonable, and go to the field to fight and bring back the victory.

Download Armored Squad Mod APK 2.6.4 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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