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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Assoluto Racing lets players immerse themselves in bloody races. Players will hold the steering wheel of large distribution cars. Enjoy the feeling of being a real racer. In each race, there will be thousands of fans sitting in the stands cheering you on. The sound of cheering and cheering for players to play better. Choose a car that is right for you in terms of looks and features. You need time to practice, get used to the control more. Set the interface to your liking. To increase the drama, more attractive, turn on the sound max. Engine roar, car brakes, etc…. Extremely real, creating a more vibrant, explosive atmosphere. During the race, try to make drifts to score points. The more beautiful you are, the higher your score will be.

Download Assoluto Racing Mod – Conquer all races

What I really like in Assoluto Racing Mod is the very special racing system. Coming from many countries with famous automotive technology in the world. Especially Japanese and European car brands. With modern technology equipped for racing cars. Will give you the ability to accelerate hundreds of km / h easily in a short time. Join your teammates to conquer the noblest and prestigious awards in the game. The track is refurbished and repaired after every match. Ensure that when the race takes place, the riders have the best conditions to bring out their full potential. The speed is extremely fast, players need to have high concentration. Perform precise cornering phases to avoid being thrown out. Avoid letting the racing car hit the railing, which will damage it, making it impossible to play well.

Assoluto Racing mod apk

Many major car brands

Modern technology comes from many big countries around the world. You will see very luxurious and beautifully designed Toyotas, McLarens, and BMWs. There are more than 30 different car brands for you to choose the one you like. This is an extremely favorable condition to help you create a leading advantage in the first moments. In the future, if you want to be the first to reach the finish line, you also need good driving skills. Upgrade and equip your steed with the most advanced accessories. Helps increase power, get higher top speed.

Game Assoluto Racing mod

Custom racing cars

If you don’t like the default designs when you buy the car, that’s okay. Assoluto Racing allows you to customize your car easily. From appearance to special features, everything can be changed. Everything is very diverse for you to choose from: Paint color, engine, shock absorber, tires, muffler, etc. Dozens of options with many different brands for you to equip your car. However, if you want to get the most advanced and modern types, you need coins. Each type will be sold at a different price. Please refer to choose for yourself the most suitable type.

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Bloody PvP mode

Online competition mode is always welcomed by many players, participating extremely crowded. This is also a strong point of the game when game players can connect with each other. Whether you are in any country in the world, you can also race together, conquering attractive gifts. At the same time, you also learn many lessons and driving experiences from them. Improving myself day by day, conquering more and bigger awards.


The track is designed quite meticulously from small details. Build a race track based on realistic 3D drawings. You will see a constant change in scenery, bends, etc. Very professional, making players attracted from the first time. Especially after each race, the system will let the technical team out to repair the damaged areas. Make sure the track is always clean, beautiful, and flat for everyone to compete. The system does not unlock all maps for you to experience for free. If you want, use the coins you earn through each race to unlock it.

Assoluto Racing mod apk

Assoluto Racing is attracting more and more players. Attractive gameplay combined with beautiful graphics has created the brand of publisher Infinity Vector Ltd. Immerse yourself in speed racing, control the car skillfully through all difficult turns. When you are about to reach the finish line, speed up the car as fast as you can. Finishing with the highest position will give you the opportunity to participate in more major tournaments. Download Assoluto Racing Mod to show your ultimate racing skills.

Download Assoluto Racing Mod APK 2.9.1 (Winning Easy)

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