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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • Infinite Currencies, Always critical, Skill no cool down

Auto Gangsters Mod is an action game genre released by Doodle Mobile with a new style, players will become genuine Gangsters. The game was launched in the game market in 2018, so far it has attracted a lot of participants and received hundreds of thousands of reviews around the world. Currently, the game is developed based on iOS and Android platforms, making it easy for players to access and especially free to download on App Store and Google Play. Especially when downloading the Mod version with unlimited money, you will have the most attractive and interesting experience.

Download Auto Gangsters Mod – Become A Genuine Gangsters

Inspired by infamous Gangsters living infamous cities, players will be immersed in a world of crime. The context of the game Auto Gangsters Mod takes place in Liberty City, which is home to all wanted criminals, and gangsters, that the law cannot apply. When you join you will become a gangster living here and every day witnessing war scenes between the mafia and seeing many other transaction missions. With a city of law that doesn’t exist and only the strong are right, you will have to take dangerous action and loot in order to survive. Even kill bosses to become famous and make people admire, let’s make this place your own crime place.Auto Gangsters Mod

Perform various tasks

On the way to become true Gangsters, players will have to perform many different tasks to develop themselves. However, first, you can only do small jobs to survive and earn money to associate with other gangs. Starting the game Auto Gangsters Mod you take back a car as a means of transportation and buy a weapon to protect yourself or kill those who dare to block your way. Besides, you should prepare a spirit of dare to think and dare to face hundreds of different challenges on the way to become your Gangsters.

Confuse people

A beautiful and lavish Liberty city with high-rise buildings or spacious and modern streets hidden deep in it is difficult that will put you in danger at any time. Hack Auto Gangsters will let you become genuine Gangsters, then your enemies are mafia gangs or police and even ordinary people. To continue to exist and develop, players will have to perform many different missions. And especially, please note that when there is not enough danger, you should not fight or fight the police because then your danger level will quickly increase. Once you reach 5 dangerous stars, you will have to receive a lot of police wanted everywhere and even face helicopters and tanks.Tai Auto Gangsters Mod

Weapon system

To increase the attractiveness and help players have a new experience, Auto Gangsters Mod provides you with a huge and varied weapon system such as AK rifles, pistols, rifles, shotguns, baseball bat, Or even your fist damages the target. Depending on your gameplay and your own style, choose a suitable weapon to use and do the task. In addition, players can use special cars as a means of transportation such as supercars, cars, or helicopters and planes. Sometimes you can relax by driving the car on the beautiful city streets at night and admire the unknown.

Graphics and sound design

Auto Gangsters Mod is designed with sharp 3D graphics, giving players the best experience. Image quality is meticulously designed to detail every detail, along with authentic scenes such as roads, tall buildings, or surrounding trees are clearly depicted. Besides, the developer has been very successful in creating realistic characters, with the smooth and smooth movement you can see as the police, the people around, or daring action. Combined with rich and vivid sound quality to help players even more excited to participate.Game Auto Gangsters Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the Auto Gangsters game, players will experience the unlimited money feature, then you can freely purchase the necessary items and equip yourself with modern items. Besides, the game is entertaining to help you have relaxing moments when participating and relieve stress after a long hard working day. Download Auto Gangsters Mod to become genuine Gangsters when performing illegal activities and transactions.

Download Auto Gangsters Mod APK 1.19 (Unlimited Money, Skills)

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