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Battle Run and Gun Mod belong to the action game genre, with racing style. Here, you will accompany the battle royale character. Participate in races to fight bosses. Simultaneously defeat the robot minions that stand in your way. The game is a combination of adventure and action elements. Open races to fight. With the appearance of a lot of obstacles in the journey. Requires your skills to control the character to overcome the challenges. In particular, the adventure will not end if you keep running forward. Only when it collides with obstacles, the race has to stop. Along with a lot of missions taking place in the racing journey waiting for you to perform.

Download Battle Run and Gun Mod – Racing Style Adventure Combines Combat

The mission system of Battle Run and Gun Mod takes place according to each level of play. With more than 100 missions taking place in combat races. You will have to accompany the battle character in the adventures. Exercise skills to overcome challenges and defeat the robot minions in the way. Overcome each challenge in turn, conquer all obstacles. After completing the task, the common part received a lot. However, for each mission that takes place, the number of targets will be unlimited. At the same time, the difficulty of each mission will increase. The pace of the race will be faster than before. Makes you have to focus on watching to be able to safely run forward. Along with that, the reward you receive also corresponds to the length of the journey.Battle Run and Gun Mod

Multiple Battle Characters

Battle Run and Gun Mod provide a lot of battle characters for you to role-play. Each character is unlocked for free, however, it will take a lot of time. Because you have to pass the game level, complete the mission. Meet the new level requirements can be unlocked. Each character is designed with its own racing style. With a unique appearance, with impressive costumes. Typical as Armstrong, Chick-Hen, Laura, Chad, Scratch, Claire Baire, Exo, Tracy. Besides, each character after being unlocked will only have one star. Through the items collected during the race. You can use them to upgrade your character’s level, up to 6 stars. From there, it is possible to increase the character’s racing ability. With faster speeds, flexibility improves. Especially the time to use support items is longer.Tai Battle Run and Gun Mod

Equip guns and skateboards

During the race of Battle Run and Gun Mod. You can equip guns and skateboards to use. The equipped gun will help you attack the minions. More than 15 different guns for you to own. Missile guns, laser guns, Tommy guns… and much more. Each gun has its own attack style. Using the money you earn, you can unlock a favorite gun. Combined with the use of skateboards in the race. Your speed will increase faster. In particular, the ability of the skateboard is not only to increase speed. It can save your life when colliding with obstacles. For example, when using a skateboard, if you accidentally collide with an obstacle ahead. By fighting against the skateboard you are using in the race, to be able to continue the adventure.

Support tools, collect gold coins and items

The support tools in Battle Run and Gun Mod will be your assistant in the races. The magnet will attract all the gold coins that appear. X2 speed increase will help the character run faster. In particular, the appearance of a parachute will help you fly in the air. However, each tool only has a limited time of use. At the same time, the probability for them to appear depends on the number of stars of the battle character. Besides, don’t forget to collect the gold coins. They appear throughout the course of the race. Try to collect as many as you can to unlock equipment and upgrades. Also, event items appear in the race. When you collect enough, you can get a big gift box. After opening will have the opportunity to receive a lot of valuable rewards.Game Battle Run and Gun Mod

Throughout the race takes place in the game Battle Run and Gun Mod. Obstacles are a factor in your running. Robotic minions stand in the way. With moving traffic, rush towards you. At the same time, the rocks and road signs also cause great obstacles. Just collide with any obstacle. Your race is considered over and must play a new race. To overcome challenges, you need to be observant. Flexible battle character control. Combine using character’s equipment. From there, you can achieve better results in the races.

Download Battle Run and Gun APK 1.4.1

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