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The magical world has always hidden a special attraction for gamers around the world. Game makers understand that, so they have released products with this theme to meet everyone’s needs. Among them cannot be missed Beast Quest, a game that sets up a simulator in the land of Avantia. This place has been cursed by the evil witch, powerful magic. Create conditions for the demons underground to rise up and disrupt the peaceful life of mankind. Participating in the gameplay, the player will transform into an all-powerful mage. Is the only ray of hope that brings the light of freedom to this beautiful land. Will have to engage in brutal, horrifying wars. Between the small but not weak humans with the huge demons and overwhelming numbers. To defeat them, completing this noble mission is an arduous, challenging process. Equip yourself with the most advanced weapons and items to help protect your body. And practice hard to improve skills, combat experience. With the power and magic bestowed by the gods, players will be confident and ready for the battle to destroy the evil enemy. And defeat the evil witch, break the curse, restore the land of Avantia to its original state.

Download Beast Quest Mod – Adventure journey to the land of Avantia and go on a quest

The world in Beast Quest Mod gathers the biggest, scariest monsters ever. Promising to bring horror wars, full of death. Players need to have enough ability and patience to defeat them. Based on the map, direct your mage to places where there are monsters. On the screen, there will be virtual keys with many features to help players move the character flexibly and launch combat skills. Just touch the attack button, magical spells will appear that paralyze the enemy’s body to death. But this method only works on some squishy monsters. Because there are many giants, powerful bosses. Dealing with them requires a methodical strategy, every action must always be carefully calculated. If you are not careful, you will lose your life immediately. Each of your monsters and mage will have its own HP bar. Take advantage when the enemy’s health is low, launch a critical attack, and finish neatly. Kill them one by one so that your character has enough fighting strength. Avoid letting the HP bar be depleted to the point that it will cost the magician.

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Luggage for players to enter each battle will include weapons and body protection items. These are indispensable things to help destroy enemies easily and ensure life safety. The system will provide the character with melee weapons or remote combat such as Swords, knives, machine guns, pistols, AK guns, etc… Especially the indispensable magic staff. Having such effective assistants in hand, players will easily complete all tasks. In addition, you will be provided with necessary items such as Armor, shoes, shields, medical tools, etc. to help avoid enemy damage.

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Complete mission

Each game screen will have different tasks for players to freely try. Of course, slaying monsters is the main job that always has to be done. They will appear denser and denser and the power is also more formidable. To complete the quest, your mage needs to be at his best. After each level, the system will automatically upgrade the strength and improve the basic stats of the character’s body. Not only that, but players also receive more combat skills, improve survivability. Try to complete all the challenges and missions so that the power reaches the ultimate level. There will be no more enemies that can make it difficult for you.

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Explore the magical world

You will not only have to fight but also be transported everywhere. To discover interesting things in this magical world. The land of Avantia was formerly a place where birds roamed and all things flourished. Despite being hit by a witch’s evil curse, except for the onion-hair monster. There are still a lot of beautiful scenes for players to enjoy. Especially on this land, there are valuable treasures hidden deep in the ground. If you find them, sell them to the shops, it will bring a huge resource. Help spend on many other jobs and can unlock new places.

Graphics and Sound

Regarding the graphics and sound in Beast Quest Mod, all gamers have no doubt about the quality. Because they are all built meticulously and carefully. So that players can feel the world in the game in the most realistic way. Create cartoon-style characters, extremely witty. And also provided with a series of attractive skins to increase the majesty of the magician. Lively, diverse sounds of different monsters and the noise of life. Many of today’s hottest exciting music is included in the gameplay by the publisher. Aiming to match the trend and also to stimulate more players.

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Come to Beast Quest to engage in dangerous battles. Confront giant monsters with the special power of a mage. Show your ultimate fighting ability and survive to the end of the game. Complete all the assigned tasks to receive valuable rewards and attractive gifts. Download Beast Quest Mod to fight for the peaceful life of mankind, become a mage who is always revered and admired by everyone.

Download Beast Quest Mod APK 1.0.6 (Unlimited Money, Potion/Disable Enemy)

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