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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Bee Factory Mod is a game that simulates the arduous and difficult construction journey of bees. Bringing us the most enjoyable idle game. As we all know, the bee has always been a symbol of hard work. They live in swarms and can number up to ten thousand bees in a hive. Go collect nectar and build nectar pots in huge nests. Because of the habit of hoarding food to be able to survive any harsh times. In this game, your task is very simple and idle. Play as queen bee of an army of worker bees in the hive. You will control these bees to build interesting structures.

Download Bee Factory Mod – The Works Of Bees

Bee Factory Mod is a very interesting hands-free relaxing game for you. Your job is very idle, ordering the worker bees to follow their orders. Then watch your work is gradually taking shape. Perhaps this will be the most favorite job of every player. When you are seeing your direction create great things. It takes a lot of food to spare for a harsh winter. The bees need to work as hard as they can. Don’t leave any bees idle in this rush. Bee Factory Mod is an interesting game released by game company Green Panda Games. Released for free on the mobile game store. We can play games easily and relax after hard working days.

Bee Factory Mod

Hardworking bees

The greatest strength of bees is diligence and hard work. They never seem to get tired of starting their work every day. That is the responsibility of themselves as well as of the entire bee colony. Bee Factory Mod has brought us the industrious perseverance of a bee ecosystem. The game is like an infinite loop that you have to manipulate every day. Revolving around the production of honey to earn money and upgrade new hive. You will create the first bees in your hive. They will find a job for themselves to produce honey. Let’s use that honey in exchange for some money and use them well. Upgrade new bees in your hive to increase production efficiency. There is no limit in this game for you to freely build your own bee empire.

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Various features

Bee Factory Mod is a game with a lot of diverse features for you to experience. There are many different types of bees such as honey bees, wasps, wasps, etc. Each type of bee has a different performance index. You will get more upgrades for your bee collection according to the levels achieved. When reaching a certain level threshold, the game will give you new types of bees. New types of bees will have much better stats and performance than old bees. In addition to trying to upgrade the bees in the hive, you also need to upgrade the production line. Along with attention while entering the honey production business. Make the bees that are idle and distracted focus more on their work by touching them.

Game Bee Factory Mod

Graphics and sounds of the game

Bee Factory Mod is a simulation game with a very gentle flow. The game is designed under the 2D game platform to bring us interesting experiences. 2D graphics have brought the lightness of game traffic. Gives us a smooth and lag-free experience. Will fit most phones on the market because the capacity does not take up too much. The colors in the game are created with yellow as the main color. By the color of bees with the real shape and color of honey. Mixing black makes this color scheme stand out. The details of the game are also done normally with simple designs. The sound system of the game is fun. Gives us a feeling of dynamism in the work.

Tai Bee Factory Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you download the Bee Factory game Mod version. Owning an unlimited amount of money when starting the game. With this money, you can buy anything you like. No need to worry about the amount of money you have and the price of the product. This feature will bring you the best tools of the game into the honey factory. Delivers a rapid increase in construction efficiency and speed. With the best possible equipment in the store. You will entertain in a much easier and simpler way with this convenient feature.

Download Bee Factory Mod APK 1.29.6 (Unlimited Money)

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