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Update October 20, 2021 (2 years ago)

Beholder Mod opens up a backward future, with the inferiority of state management. They control the private and public lives of people. Use the law to oppress people to follow. Monitor all the people in the city. There is no more privacy in this backward country. Here, you are one of the members of the state management system. Own an apartment building. Make it an attractive location, attracting tenants. And every day you will have a lot of visitors coming and going. However, your main purpose when renting out apartments in condominiums. Want to follow them, find out who has the intention to oppose and overthrow the state government.

Download Beholder Mod – Track People In Your Apartment

Your task at Beholder Mod is to monitor the actions of each person in the apartment. Follow them secretly. Listen to compressed conversations between them with other tenants. Don’t let them find out your apartment is a place built to spy on people. Every time they are away or out of the apartment. You will have to break into each person’s apartment. Searching for belongings, secrets they hide in their apartment. Or anything related to subversion of the state. After gathering all the relevant evidence, you will have to put them together. Report to a superior, competent person. Report people who intend to overthrow the state government, with criminal conspiracies.Container Mod

Choose your own decision

In Beholder Mod you have the right to make your own decisions. With important choices, you can decide for yourself. You can report it to your superiors or handle it yourself. With the information collected from the apartments of the tenants. For example the mysterious actions of a father, and the suspicion of an orphan. Secrets were gathered from his apartment. You can report to your superiors. Or withhold evidence related to his illegal activities. Give them a chance to redo and follow the right path, with no intention of sabotaging the state. You can even use the collected documents to extort money. Ask for a sum of money that matches his wishes, prompting him to accept.Dowload Container Mod

Meet a lot of people, discover private stories

In the adventure at Beholder Mod. You have the opportunity to meet a lot of different characters. They are the people who come to rent the apartment in your apartment. It could be ordinary people or those who intend to overthrow the current state government. Each character you meet has a different personality. When secretly learning about them in each person’s apartment. You will get to know their past and present. You can then decide whether to reveal your privacy to others. Or protect the secrets of those who are worthy. Let them have personal privacy. Every decision you make changes the course of the story. Could be for the better or for the worse. In particular, the game has a lot of different endings, based on your previous decisions.Game Container Mod

Side Story Blissful Sleep

Besides discovering the main story of Beholder Mod. You also get adventure in the additional story Blissful Sleep. Here, you can discover the stories of each person in the apartment. Those who are great, waiting for the salvation of others. Because they are the victims of a terrible mistakes in the past. Those who have broken the law, want to live a happy life. Now I’m having to suffer the consequences I’ve caused. Or the members who spent their whole lives in the country, but have now been left behind. Or those who had everything, money, happiness, but lost everything.Tai Container Mod

The graphics of Beholder Mod are designed in a horror style. The surroundings were enveloped in darkness. With the setting in an old apartment building, with old objects of the previous period. Objects such as tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, bookshelves, etc. are classically designed. Especially creating scary characters with black shadows, mixed with some white body parts. Make you scared, sometimes will be startled by their actions. Combined with soft, ghostly background music. Make the player feel lost in a dark space, no way out.

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