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Ben 10 Heroes Mod is inspired by the famous Ben 10 movie. Join the fascinating alien war. Your mission is to use Omnitrix to transform into powerful heroes. Use their power to defeat the alien monsters who want to take over the Earth. Form a team of 3 heroes and join them in dramatic battles. The battle takes place in real-time, you use the power of the heroes to fight. Use special skills to deal massive damage to enemies. At the same time, do not forget to collect weapons and upgrade heroes, helping them to increase their fighting ability. What’s more, you can develop your hero’s power by unlocking new skills.

Download Ben 10 Heroes Mod – The War To Protect The World’s Peace

The gameplay of Ben 10 Heroes Mod is puzzle style, taking place in turn order. Form an alliance team of 3 heroes, enter the battle with the alien boss. The two sides take turns arranging the power board on the screen. Match powerful symbols in a series of horizontal or vertical rows. Minimum of 3 icons or more. Each symbol carries a different form of power, requiring your observation and puzzle skills. After matching the power symbol, your hero will recharge and unleash his power. Attacks enemies directly, causing them to lose a certain amount of health. For example, the power of the crystal sword, the laser beam, the fist of fire, the sandstorm, etc., and many more. The war only ends until one of the two sides is completely defeated.Ben 10 Heroes Mod

Evil bosses

In Ben 10 Heroes Mod your enemies are not just alien bosses. You also get to meet and fight many other villains. Including Dr. Animo, Zombozo, Sydney, Maurice,… and many other evil names. Each villain possesses different strengths and fighting abilities. But they all have a common goal, which is to take over the Earth. Turn the beautiful world into gloom and chaos. In particular, you need to pay attention to Vilgax, he plans to take over the Omnitrix to easily control the Earth. Your mission is to prevent that from happening, by using the power of the Omnitrix to transform into heroes. Join them to fight and defeat the evil bosses.Dowload Ben 10 Heroes Mod

Diverse hero system

Using the Omnitrix meter you can unlock many new heroes. Ben 10 Heroes Mod has a total of 50 heroes for you to discover. Each hero is an alien, from another world, with its own power. For example, Four Arms, giant creatures with four arms on the body, possess powerful punches from muscles. Heatblast is an alien surrounded by lava that can control fire and melt any solid. Wildmutt has the shape of a lion, possesses sharp claws and strong teeth. Or Diamondhead with its entire body of ice, capable of creating sharp objects, piercing through all obstacles. Especially can turn into many different weapons to fight. Overcoming challenges, you will have the opportunity to unlock many other heroes.Game Ben 10 Heroes Mod

Hero upgrade

In addition to unlocking aliens, upgrading is a much-needed element to improve their strength. At Ben 10 Heroes Mod you can bring heroes to fight. From there, they will get experience points and increase to higher levels. This helps to unleash the power of the heroes completely. Besides, after finishing the battle, you will receive valuable rewards. By opening Omnivaults, you have a chance to unlock new aliens. Or other related items.

Missions and events

Ben 10 Heroes Mod provides players with a diverse mission system and a lot of attractive events. Completing daily tasks will help you get a lot of interesting rewards. Or participate in weekly, monthly events for a chance to receive Omnivaults. From there, you can unlock new aliens. Join them on a journey to fight evil bosses to protect the peace of the world.Tai Ben 10 Heroes Mod

Ben 10 Heroes Mod uses 3D graphics. The scene takes place in battles in many different places. For example, in the field, in the factory, in the vast sky, etc., and many other places. Along with the movement of the heroes are designed to be very flexible. Combined with skill effects when using special powers to give you an unforgettable impression. Besides, funny sounds are expressed through the vibrant background music. Increase the excitement and make the player even more excited in the match.

Download Ben 10 Heroes Mod APK 1.7.1 (Free Shopping)

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