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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Life has too many jobs that make you feel pressured and stuck. Sometimes I want to relieve fatigue and stress to regain my spirit and be ready to continue doing work. Come to Benji Bananas will help you do that. The gameplay has gentle gameplay that brings many interesting and entertaining things. It Will does not take up too much of your time when experiencing. And bring moments of comfort and relaxation. Players will join the character Benji to have endless adventures through the forests. At the same time complete the task assigned by the system. You will control your monkey to the forests. Search for bananas and collect them all together. To do that, the player will have to move his character skillfully. Practice a lot to be able to control the monkey as you like and get delicious bananas. Try to collect as many bananas, you will get some great bonuses. And get more advanced climbing skills for monkey Benji.

Download Benji Bananas Mod – Adventure in the jungle and collect bananas with Benji

Benji Bananas Mod takes players to a forest full of bananas. But it won’t be easy to get it. They are often arranged on high altitudes or dangerous cliffs. Players will control the monkey to climb up the tree and grab the rope overhead to fly to places where there are bananas. You must be very careful to move the character without slipping. Otherwise, you will fall down the cliff and lose. On the screen, there will be virtual keys for players to control easily. For example: Grasping, clinging, jumping, etc. You will have to use them continuously and flexibly. Remember, below ground, there are a lot of swamps and thorns. If you fall, you will be injured or even die. Don’t let this unfortunate thing happen to your monkey. Players will have to quickly collect bananas or they will be eaten by sparrows and squirrels. Get the required number of bananas, The player will be moved to another level and the difficulty level will increase gradually. Each level will have a different location. And beautiful landscapes appeared. Conquer all levels to fully explore the scenery in the gameplay.

Benji Bananas mod apk

Style play

Benji Bananas Mod has extremely simple gameplay. It won’t take you too long to get used to it. Players will control Benji to climb the tree because the ropes are at the top of the tree. After that, they will cling to the rope, swinging back and forth to create momentum to fly up. Bananas will begin to appear one by one. Let’s quickly swing there and get them in the bag. And make sure the monkey always holds the rope tightly so it doesn’t fall to the ground. Sometimes there will be birds flying in front of him, making the monkey panic and lose his temper. You will have to control left, right, up, and down to dodge them.

Game Benji Bananas mod

Experience with friends

To make the game more interesting, the system allows you to choose the game mode. Play with friends and colleagues to make the game more fun. Together to perform the challenges and assigned tasks. Support and help each other collect as many bananas as possible to quickly complete the challenge. Helps to make relationships with friends become closer and closer. Everyone will have moments of enjoying the great victory. Players will no longer feel lonely, bored because of the experience alone. In particular, you will have the opportunity to interact with other gamers in the world. Try to break the record to become the best player in this gameplay.

Benji Bananas mod

Change look for Benji

Players can refurbish their monkey, making it stand out every time they play. The system will provide a series of attractive, eye-catching skins for you to choose from. You can choose clothes that match your personality. Players can change their character continuously to keep the game screen from being boring. In addition, you can buy more gloves, hats, shoes, armor, etc… these will help protect Benji’s body very well. Players can freely mix clothes for the monkey according to their fashion taste.

Graphics and sound

Graphics of Benji Bananas Mod may not be of high quality like action games. But players can still feel the smoothness, no less real. Gameplay has countless locations for players to experience. Images and construction details are not over the top at all. Along with extremely eye-catching colors, it truly shows the green forest scene. Various sounds of creatures in the forest. Fun, witty background music takes players on an adventure.

Game Benji Bananas mod apk

If you love entertaining and fun games, don’t miss Benji Bananas. Gameplay will help you have a refreshing spirit, balance your life, regain inspiration at work. And train the player’s ingenuity, patience, sharp reflexes. Download Benji Bananas Mod with Benji monkey adventure to many locations and collect bananas.

Download Benji Bananas Mod APK 1.43 (Unlimited Bananas)

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