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When the city life with piled-up office work, stress makes you tired of school, you dream of a freer and more active working life. More wonderful than ever is the countryside setting with a farm of all kinds of chickens, fish, growing vegetables… Will make you feel comfortable, peaceful, less crowded than city life. town. Big Farm Mobile Harvest mod is a game about a farm full of different animals that you raise, role-playing as a farm owner, how will you manage the scale of the farm? Let’s work hard to take care of the country every day to be able to reap good results.

Download Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod – Big Farm

With the role of the owner of a farm, in Big Farm, what you need to do is to take care of your pets and botanical garden in a very kind way to be able to make a profit and develop the farm. richer and stronger. Your daily job will be to water plants, take care of your garden so that the plants have the most stable state to have a bountiful harvest season. Interspersed with that is feeding and taking care of farm animals such as cows, chickens…. These animals will give a relative income to your farm, so take care of them regularly so that they do not starve and weaken their health.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod

Hard-working farmer

Starting with the game, you will be given a certain amount of land to be able to plant trees, you can grow different types of plants on each plot, so grow what kind of plants b can meet your needs. the most effective care and profitability. Hack Big Farm: Mobile Harvest takes care of these gardens and farm animals so that you can have money to expand your farm on a larger scale. Like in real life, each type of plant and animal will take a different amount of time to be harvested, so calculate the time to be able to enter the game and harvest those agricultural products to achieve the most dramatic amount of revenue possible.

Interesting features in the game

Worth mentioning first is the ability to interact with your gaming friends. It will be interesting when our real-life friends will also join in the construction of this farm of their own. You will sell your farm products to other neighbors, and vice versa, you can also visit other farm products to be able to buy and use them for your purposes. Our friends will interact through the game in an extremely fun way like we are visiting each other’s houses in real life every day. Tracking the farm development of our friends on a regular basis also helps us to be motivated to play Big Farm Mobile Harvest Mod more and more to grow.

Game Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod

Graphics of the game

The feature of the game is to bring a sense of relaxation through the countryside environment of breeding and planting trees. So the colors in the game are extremely fresh and fun is the core of the game. Designed under the 2D game platform, Big Farm Mobile Harvest Mod will show us a village scene that is not too realistic but extremely simple and easy to understand, a game that makes us just need to turn on the device. and play will not need the stress, concentration. Fresh colors, neat and easy gameplay is what Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod will bring to you after stressful working and studying hours.

The Unlimited Money/Particles mod feature in the Big Farm Mod game is a very special and useful feature that helps us play the game in a simpler and more satisfying way. To be able to expand the farm as well as decorate it in a more beautiful way, you will need a certain amount of money, the mod feature of this version will give us an unlimited amount of money to be able to spend. use and use. Likewise, every time we plant a tree, we also need to plant seeds, an unlimited amount of seeds will be what you will own.

Download Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Mod APK 9.4.24385 (Unlimited Money, Seeds)

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