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BIGBANG Evolution Mod is inspired by the atomic bomb-making process. The game provided by CASUAL AZUR GAMES is an Arcade game that helps you have interesting entertainment moments. Become an inventor, hold in your hands the recipes for making atomic weapons. Your task is to make nuclear bombs from available recipes and explosives. Create explosions that destroy the world and set a new era. Fun gameplay, entertaining style, requires creative thinking to create high-tech weapons.

Download BIGBANG Evolution Mod – Destroy the World and Create a New Era

BIGBANG Evolution Mod opens a new era. Your mission is to collect explosives and fuse them to create an atomic bomb. At first, you are given a simple bomb, with a weak explosive. Based on the ability of your brain and creative thinking, you can develop the bomb into 50 different forms. A series of questions are raised in the process of you making bombs. For example how to create a bomb with tremendous destructive power. How to create that just one bomb can destroy the entire human civilization. Or will the world after destruction be an end for mankind? The question will be answered after you detonate the bombs made by your own hands.BIGBANG Evolution Mod

Make bombs and conquer the world with explosions

The gameplay of BIGBANG Evolution Mod is not too complicated. You will quickly get used to it after a short time. Do the job of combining explosives together to form a bomb. At the same time, make sure the bomb works well, which can create a large explosion. Besides, you have the opportunity to experience 12 different worlds. Follow their evolution and development, creating new worlds in turn. Simultaneously using atomic bombs, conquer the world in your own way. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually each time you enter a new world. A variety of quests and challenges are waiting for you to explore. If you can’t create bombs with great destructive power, you will fail to conquer the world.Game BIGBANG Evolution Mod

Explore 12 worlds, recreate your way

Join BIGBANG Evolution Mod you can experience 12 worlds, with different human civilizations. The sequence in ascending order includes first bomb, modern world, atomic search, chemical world, time bomb, ancient ruins, elemental forces, esotericism, war universe, endless energy, primordial world, ruthless entropy. Each world is a journey for you to change. Holding the bomb recipe, you will recreate the world in a special way. Simultaneously uncover unanswered mysteries. Sometimes, an exploding bomb is not a sad end for the world. Maybe it’s the beginning of a new era, with good things.Download BIGBANG Evolution Mod

More than 50 evolutions

As mentioned above, BIGBANG Evolution Mod offers more than 50 different forms of evolution. A bomb is a combination of many explosives. Depending on your creativity, it is possible to create a bomb that has the power to destroy the whole world. Each type of bomb has a unique shape and color. They carry on them expressions mixed with funny and angry emotions. Each bomb after exploding will help you get a lot of gold coins. The bigger the explosion, the more gold coins you get.

Vivid graphic design, realistic sound

Coming to BIGBANG Evolution Mod, you can step into the fun destruction game. Immerse yourself in explosions, unleash creating many types of bombs. Recreate the world the way you want. Experience vivid 3D graphics. The developer has created extremely fun bombs. With lovely, angry, happy faces, giving players a sense of excitement. Especially the sound quality is excellent. The bombs after exploding create a very realistic sound. Incorporating background music throughout the gameplay, providing extreme excitement.BIGBANG Evolution Mod

The interface of BIGBANG Evolution Mod is designed to be lively. Make it easy for players to use and perform operations in a simple way. You just need to touch the corresponding icons on the screen to play. The game helps you explore the evolution of the world, being able to manually recreate the way you want. Learn about nuclear weapons that are hidden in space and time. Experience many human civilizations, destroy them mercilessly. Simultaneously recreating a new world.

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