Download Bistro Heroes Mod APK 3.8.4 (Menu/Quick Attack, onehit)

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  • Damage multiplier [x1 – x1000]
  • Attack speed multiplier [x1 -x10]
  • God mode
  • Unlimited golds
  • Unlimited woods (always active)
  • Unlimited stars (always active)

NOTE: Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps

Explore the fairy world that you already know through cartoons, comic books, etc. Bistro Heroes brings players into a world with countless interesting and attractive things. But there are many evil forces here. Your mission when coming here is not to explore beautiful places and landscapes. It is to destroy all those armies of darkness. Let this peaceful land be returned. However, the battles in the game are not stressful at all. Players will have moments of relaxation without any pressure from gameplay. Simple gameplay, extremely idle turn-based gameplay. Unleash your show, affirm your skills and bravery in every match. There are many beautiful, gorgeous girls here. This journey will surely bring you a lot of interesting things.

Download Bistro Heroes Mod – Repel the forces of darkness

The special thing in Bistro Heroes Mod lies in the warriors in the game. All are female and there is not a single male appearance. However, do not think that our heroines are weak and incapable of fighting. All of them have a great source of strength, have the ability to fight extremely fiercely. The strong will to fight is not afraid of any monster. You should equip your female warrior team with appropriate accessories and equipment. To be able to ensure the source of power, it is easier to defeat the monster army. Accompanying that, indispensable are pets. They will help warriors have more attack power, higher maximum health. Especially in difficult times, it will help you recover a relatively large amount of blood. To be able to continue fighting, against the enemy.

Bistro Heroes mod


When it comes to the plot, Bistro Heroes Mod is really praised by many players because of the great context. The fairy tale world says that all the men of the village have been taken away by the forces of darkness. Only weak, fragile, fragile girls remained. However, a man who called himself the sun god came here and gave the girls a source of magical power. The purpose is for the girls to stand up and fight against the evil forces. Along with that is a lot of armor, high-damage weapons to support the warriors to carry out important missions. Great teammates will help you overcome challenges, rescuing captured men easier.

Game Bistro Heroes mod

Customize heroines

The system allows you to customize your battle formation. At the same time can also change the appearance of all 1 easily. Build your own unique style of heroines. The gorgeous costumes have high defense. It both enhances the beauty of a woman and increases the strength of the heroine. To be able to do this, you need to complete the essential tasks assigned to the system. When you reach the required level, you can buy the items and equipment you want.

Bistro Heroes mod apk

Looking for food

Bistro Heroes Mod has a little mix of survival game styles. Because you will have to find food, food, water by yourself. Everything is self-sufficient. The system will not give you any kind of item. Therefore, make your own weapons and go to the forest to search and hunt for animals. It is a very good source of food. Especially will help girls have more items are fur coats. Increases the ability to recover from injuries extremely well.

Graphics and sound

In general, the gameplay has relatively good graphics and sound. Not really perfect, but also leaves players with a great experience. Along with that is the high-quality sound that makes players feel much more excited and excited. Design images of female warriors with a strong style, a source of terrible power. But still retains the unique features of a gentlewoman. Vivid scenery and space help players discover a lot more interesting and attractive things.

Bistro Heroes mod apk

After the battles are won, you can celebrate the warriors. Let them relax, recover energy after the fierce battle. At the same time, according to the level of the character, you also need to upgrade the strength of the warriors. Equip more items, special items to help you win easier. Build a squad of strong female warriors, representing the light to destroy all those evil forces. Download Bistro Heroes Mod adventure contains many dangers.

Download Bistro Heroes Mod APK 3.8.4 (Menu/Quick Attack, onehit)

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