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Update October 24, 2021 (2 years ago)

Bit Legends Mod is a role-playing game. Takes you to battles with monsters in the dungeon. Explore abandoned lands. Be adventurous on challenging journeys. Here, you can role-play as one of a total of 4 characters. Includes kung fu masters, engineers, artists, and bounty hunters. Each character has a different fighting style. Develop their abilities through battles with monsters. Not only that, but the game also allows you to personalize the character. Improve transportation and equip accessories to increase the stand out from the crowd. Along with a diverse mission system, taking place on many battlefields. Promises to bring you an engaging combat experience. Help you immerse yourself in fierce battles between heroes and monsters.

Download Bit Legends Mod – Battles Happening Inside Dark Dungeons

Bit Legends Mod uses classic 8-bit graphics, designed in pixel style. Combined with extremely impressive MMO RPG gameplay. Along with unique picture quality, vivid colors. The shapes of heroes and monsters are very unique. With the appearance designed in many different designs and shapes. Combined with the stunning effects that take place in the battles. When the character uses skills to attack. Or the effect around the character, very impressive. Combined with the flexible movement of moving vehicles. What’s more, the sound quality is vibrant. With background music, along with fun music tunes. Mixed excited sounds are flexibly changed during the battle. Gives you a sense of euphoria as you experience a vivid fantasy world.Download Bit Legends Mod

Gather a team of monsters led by the hero

Besides playing the role of a hero to enter the war of Bit Legends Mod. The player can assemble a team of monsters, led by the hero. By participating in battles, defeat monsters. Then will recruit them to your team. Choose monsters with outstanding combat ability. Then lead they participate in battles to develop their abilities. From there, you can create a powerful battle formation. Here, the game has a total of more than 100 monsters and bosses. They appear in the dark dungeon. Through the battles, when defeating the monsters and defeating the boss. You will have the opportunity to collect equipment and loot. It is also possible to add monsters to your personal collection.Game Bit Legends Mod

Smart gameplay, fighting

Battle of Bit Legends Mod is turn-based. Teams of heroes and enemies will take turns attacking. The war only ends when the forces of either faction are completely defeated. During the course of the war, it’s your duty to choose a special skill when it’s each hero’s turn to attack. Use skills appropriate to the situation in which the battle takes place. For example, attack enemies with special skills, causing them to consume a large amount of health. Or heal an ally when the whole team’s health is decreasing. Fight according to a clever strategy that will help the heroes attack effectively. Can defeat the enemy to end the battle. From there, they will continue their journey to explore the dungeon. Fight enemies in a new arena. With more difficult and dramatic battles.Bit Legends Mod

3 game modes

Bit Legends Mod has 3 game modes including PvE, PvP, and world boss. Each mode takes you to different battles. With gameplay, own rules that you need to follow. Come to PvE mode to accompany other players in team battles. Join them to fight the monsters and defeat the fearsome rogue. Or participate in PvP mode to compete with other players. Take your team of heroes against your opponent’s team of heroes in the arena. Defeat your opponent’s forces to win and climb the leaderboard. What’s more, you can create or join guilds to come to world boss battles. Defeat bosses to get huge treasures. When opened, there will be a chance to receive a lot of loot.Tai Bit Legends Mod

Besides the battles, Bit Legends Mod also has many other interesting features for you to explore. Upgrade heroes by equipping weapons, hats, armor, belts, rings, chains, etc. Each type of equipment has its own attributes when used will increase the hero’s ability. Weapons increase damage, armor increases defense. Our rings and necklaces will increase health. Besides, heroes can unlock new skills when reaching certain levels. Each skill will help the hero to deal a large amount of damage to the enemy.

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