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Blackout Age Mod is a role-playing game, set in a post-apocalyptic world. In a world full of dangers, harsh environments. Along with the appearance of monsters of various types. They come from aliens, spreading deadly viruses. Causing humanity to experience devastating historical events. Difficulty after difficulty, the virus caused many people to lose their lives. At the same time, the post-apocalyptic world caused human civilization to be destroyed. The electricity was no longer available for lighting, and the entire country was in darkness. Taking advantage of that opportunity, invaders from distant planets beyond Earth appear. They use Stream Stream technology with a conspiracy to dominate. This is a kind of science fiction technology. Built to conquer ancient interstellar civilizations.

Download Blackout Age Mod – Fight with Alien Monsters for Survival

Control one or more characters in Blackout Age Mod. Then select the city you want to explore. Or use GPS to pick up a real map, with your location. Start your survival adventure through the map. Your mission is to collect and search for survival items, on the roads that pass. Try to collect as many as you can, to maintain your life and improve your own survival. The alien monsters are the enemy that you have to face. They appear in the survival adventure. If you are unlucky, you can choose to fight or run away. However, you don’t always encounter monsters. Observe the red lines displayed on the horizontal bar. Only when the red line is maxed out, the character can confront the monster.Download Blackout Age Mod

The realistic map can use GPS

The most outstanding feature of Blackout Age Mod is the map system. The game uses the player’s geographic location to set up the map. Through GPS positioning. It can be said that this is a survival game that takes the actual map. Recreate a realistic scene, through the use of GPS. Everything on the map is real, from the environment to the path. You can do many activities that take place on the street. Explore lots of different geographic maps. Typically Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, etc. Moreover, you can expand the scope of activities to many other areas. Can go to many different cities around the world. This GPS feature will help you have an immersive virtual reality experience like never before. Promises to bring an authentic survival adventure.Blackout Age Mod

Point selection battle gameplay

Not choosing to run away, you enter the battle with monsters in Blackout Age Mod. With turn-based gameplay. Alien characters and monsters will take turns attacking. However, the fight takes place in a completely new style. There are no movements or skills of the character when fighting. Instead, there are point selection-style attacks. Image of the type of monster you’re fighting, showing the drawbar in various shapes. With 3 green dots placed at positions on the drawing bar. Your task is to observe the movement of the moving red dot. Correct selection of red dot stop at the green dot. From there will attack the enemy, causing them to consume blood. Conversely, if you do not do the above, you will miss the attack.Ear Blackout Age Mod

More than 400 characters

The character system of Blackout Age Mod is very diverse. With the number up to more than 400 characters. They are all lucky survivors of the virus outbreak caused by alien monsters. Each character has an impressive appearance, with many different styles. However, when choosing characters to adventure in survival. The characters are only shown faces for you to recognize. Develop your character’s abilities, with powerful combat skills. Help them defeat scary monsters to survive.Game Blackout Age Mod

Blackout Age Mod is a post-apocalyptic survival adventure. This is a wild war, between survivors and alien monsters. Therefore, you need to handle the situation intelligently in every situation. Know when to fight and when to run. Besides surviving in a harsh world, with monster battles. Players also have to build a base to have a safe haven. Upgrade the facilities inside the shelter. Also, use the collected items to craft survival items.

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