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Block City Wars is a product of the publisher D-Games, a game quite similar to the blocky version of the street robbery game. Supported on mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones. When entering the game you will be immersed in the world of Block City Wars. Enjoy immersing yourself in the game with the robbery screen and also the fleeing, fiery chase of the police and thugs. Explore mafia gangs, bangs, and police, with lots of vehicles like sports cars, military helicopters. Many game modes such as Zombie mode similar to the popular game PUBG mobile and many other game modes. After you complete the ops of the mafia bosses give you the often extremely attractive and special parts. Driving on sharp block roads, Very unique arsenal with powerful rifles like the AK47. Are you ready to join this extremely unique game?

Download block city wars mod – You and the chases

Block City Wars mod is a game suitable for all ages and all types of players with a lot of cars such as sports cars, off-road vehicles, … and a lot of extremely beautiful and powerful cars. You can explore the city and all the game modes or guns in a very easy way. There are not only cars, guns, weapons but also a very large map and many factions. There are many things for you to evaluate with about 150000+ people waiting for you to enter the game. To experience, quickly download the game Block City Wars mod to play it explosively. Are you ready to enter the world of a game that is available for the first time on the market, prepare yourself and download this gameplay to experience it with your friends right away?

Block City Wars mod

Unique arsenal

Game Block City Wars with extremely advanced weaponry and great destruction. When playing the game you can use many types of weapons such as AK47 and many other advanced weapons. The weapons give you a very good and exciting game experience when there are even more jets. Let us fly in the air with excitement for players. What do you think about a game that is both like street robbers and like the best shooting game currently is PUBG mobile. There is also a huge arsenal of weapons that combine two big games like GTA5 and PUBG to become such a good game. To make the fiery battles more breathable and more. Experience a three-in-one game like this. Download the game today to experience this huge special arsenal.

Game Block City Wars mod

Game mode

Have you ever thought that there will be a three-in-one game like this but still try many game modes such as flying in the air, when flying in the air you can experience the beautiful scenery of the block world. The zombie shooting mode is extremely fierce that you can hardly find in some other games, most of all, you can play with your friends and support each other is also extremely attractive that you can’t take your eyes off the screen. image of your mobile device and always feel like you are immersed in the game. Not only zombie or jet mode but also many other modes that are not inferior to zombie modes such as Team Deathmatch, Tank Battles, Free PVP Fight, Street Race, and Pixel Hunter modes that you can play with friends and immerse yourself in the game.

Crime bosses and activities in the city

In the city with a lot of activities but indispensable thugs like the mafia. You can transform into one of the bosses of the gangs. They looted the city and destroyed the skyscrapers and the huge shopping mall. You will be free to operate in the city and even out of the city very easily without fear of being caught by the police. Although it is very comfortable, it is with the police and the thugs deal with each other with guns. When participating in Hack Block City Wars, you will not have to worry about money to buy combat tools, so you don’t have to worry about being destroyed by other factions. You also have the task system of bosses who always give you very difficulty, making you and your friends squeeze your brain to get through the fierce gunfights. Because the game is an open world, you can move freely and without any sequence. Let people not feel discouraged and it is not too difficult for you. Although block city wars is a game that is both like PUBG and GTA5 and also Minecraft game that just takes you into the block world. Just brought you in with a huge arsenal of weapons and then brought you through with so many factions that you couldn’t stop.

Block City Wars mod hack

Block city wars will give you a perfect game experience. Features like unlimited money are indispensable for a feature-rich game like Block city wars. A game that is interspersed with gangs with unstoppable battles. Freedom to move more, the unlimited money feature of Block city wars mod will help you have a more comfortable game experience.

Download Block City Wars Mod APK 7.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

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