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BombSquad Mod is an action game genre released by Eric Froemling, with an attractive bombing style. Players will enter a funny, fun world and experience a colorful, vivid game interface. Join the fierce dramatic arena, carry the bomb bag and destroy all the opponents on the game screen. Launched the game market in 2011 so far 10 years have passed, but the game is still hot for gamers. The current version of the game has much better upgrades and improvements than before. On the Google Play app alone, the game has attracted more than 10 million downloads. And received nearly 100 thousand reviews from all over the world.

Download BombSquad Mod – Throw Bombs to Destroy Opponents

In the BombSquad Mod game, there will only be one weapon, which is the bomb. Your task is to control your character to participate in the arena and use bombs to destroy the enemy. After each attack and eliminate the opponent from the match, the system will score points on the scoreboard. In the end, based on the accumulated points, whoever gets the highest score will win and get a high bonus. Besides, the gameplay of the game is quite simple, even if you are a new player, you will quickly get used to it in a short period of time. By using the virtual keys on the screen, perform actions such as moving, picking, running, throwing, and punching. Each game screen will have its own rules, you need to perform flexible skills to win.Ear BombSquad Mod

Many mini-games

The game has two main modes including online and offline. In particular, they all have one thing in common that is to eliminate the opponent to win. Before entering the game screen, the system will announce the rules and rules of the game, which you need to follow. BombSquad Mod’s Offline mode will not disappoint you. When entering the match, you will not only have to face a large number of enemies but will experience their teamwork. Now they know how to combine tactics, even organize a strong battle formation. Therefore, in addition to improving skills, you must not be subjective and must know how to take advantage of opportunities to exploit their weaknesses. Online mode will bring you to exciting matches and compete with many opponents from all over the world.Game BombSquad Mod

Fun mode

Not stopping there, for players to enjoy their leisure time, BombSquad Mod gives you attractive mini-games. Depends on your choice of game mode, like single-player, team battle. Then the system will take you to interesting levels, creating your own rules and regulations. Entering Bomber-Hockey mode you will have to fight in a challenging environment. Here the ground is very slippery and difficult to move. Your task is to control the character to put the ball into the opponent’s net. However, because the ground is quite slippery, you should use the bomb to create thrust for the ball to fly away. To do that you need to have skill and precision.BombSquad Mod

Emphasize teamwork

Besides, Capture the Flag mode brings you fascinating experiences. Because this is the first match that promotes teamwork, the two sides will compete for the flag planted in the middle of the map and take it. to take their side. For each successful robbery, your team will be added one point. However, after capturing the flag, your teammates must protect the flag holder, so as not to let the enemy take it back. By dropping bombs to attack the enemy or simply prevent them from carrying out their plot. Also, the Epic Slow Motion Elimination mode of the BombSquad Mod game is very interesting. When entering the game everything seems to be slowed down completely, from moving to the bombing. If you are a person with high patience, this is the first choice.Download BombSquad Mod

Support items

The battle is always fierce and dramatic. Along with that, the items will be the tools to support you a lot in the match. Use your observation skills to quickly pick up items that appear on the map, then you will have an advantage over your opponent a lot. However, they will only appear for a certain period of time and then disappear. With a variety of items ranging from armor that increases defense, to bombs with great destructive power. Or even boxing gloves, health recovery items are also very useful during your fight.

When downloading the Mod version of the Hack BombSquad, players will experience the unlock feature. Then you will have the most engaging experience when participating because the modes and levels will be completely unlocked. Or special bombs, support items can also be used without having to spend money to buy. Besides, the graphics of BombSquad Mod are impressively designed, giving players a feeling of authenticity and fun. Combined with the character moving flexibly, with beautiful effects shown through the bombing phase. In addition, the sound quality is realistic, you can hear it through the bomb blast when it explodes, giving the player more excitement.

Download BombSquad Mod APK 1.6.4 (Unlocked)

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