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Update October 20, 2021 (2 years ago)

Boxing Gym Story for players to become professional boxers. Meet, compete and interact with many other boxers in the world. Show your strength through powerful punches to knock down opponents. Diverse game modes, especially integrated PvP battles, are loved by many players. Each character will have a separate star level. The more stars, the greater the power. Upgrade your boxer to have more strength and fitness. As a sport that requires good physical strength, players need to regularly practice and improve their strength. In this life and death arena, there will be no fairness or concessions. The strong will win, receive the prestigious gold belt. On the contrary, the loser will suffer a painful defeat, an extremely dangerous injury. Fight hard, assert your strength,

Download Boxing Gym Story Mod – Playground of professional boxers

Boxing Gym Story Mod has a graphic background that is not really high-end. Located in the mid-range segment of the classic pixel type. Many of you when playing games for a long time may experience eye strain because the image quality is too blurry. However, because of the attractive gameplay, the gameplay still attracts many players interested and excited. You play as the owner of a gym, an expert in training boxers. This place will host a worldwide boxing competition every week. The prizes for the winners are huge. That’s why you should try to train highly skilled boxers, representing the gym to participate in the competition. To win against formidable opponents, players need to practice a lot. Learn about strength training exercises, improve your skills so that your boxers can increase strength. If you are the winner, there will be a lot of people who know and care about the gym. Thus, your revenue will increase much higher.

Boxing Gym Story mod

Express yourself

An arena is a place for boxers to assert their strength and show off their abilities. The cheers and cheers of the audience made the players try to fight more fiercely. In this solo fight you must always keep a cool head. Facing the opponent must be very calm, dodging the attacks from the opponent. Waiting for the right opportunity to launch a critical counterattack that immediately knocks the opponent to the ground. Let’s put your character into the framework training mode, extreme heat. To be able to become a talented, skilled, and physically fit boxer that makes all opponents fear.Game Boxing Gym Story mod

Style play

Starting the game, after you have named your boxer, the system will give you a weight chart to choose from. The first character that the system provides will also match your choice. Stepping on the floor, the light shining directly on you can make you dizzy. Be very careful or the opponent will take advantage of the opportunity and attack. Concentrate highly, pay attention to the actions and movements of the opponent. Your reflexes are an important factor in determining the outcome of the match. Regularly practice this skill to be able to win more easily.

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Stats of the character

Each character will have a unique parameter. HP, Skill, Punch, Charm, Defense, Stamina are what I’m talking about. Each character will have different stats. Choose for yourself the character with the appropriate power source. Then take him to weightlifting, practice a lot. Improve and improve skills day by day to be able to win more easily. This process will cost a relatively large amount of coins. Try to complete the tasks assigned by the system to bring back a lot of money.

Classic graphics

Boxing Gym Story Mod is not appreciated by players for the game’s graphic quality. However, there are still many interesting things for players to explore. Must take credit for the excellent sound quality. For players to be immersed in professional boxing matches. The sound of the audience cheering, the sound of punching the opponent stimulated players to fight more fiercely. Gameplay capacity is very light, when experiencing all operations, the operation takes place smoothly.

Tai Boxing Gym Story mod apk

Boxing Gym Story is a gift from publisher Kairosoft Co., Ltd for those who love boxing sport. However, you cannot download it for free, but need to spend more than 7$ to experience this gameplay. Please consider carefully before deciding to download. Graphics that are not really excellent will probably make you feel disappointed. Download Boxing Gym Story Mod to participate in large-scale, world-class boxing matches.

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