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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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1. MOD Menu
2. 0 Energy Cost (Quests + Vortex)
3. God Mode (Quest + Vortex + Arena)
4a. Instant Brave Burst
4b. Instant Super Brave Burst
5a. 0 Key Cost (Parades)
5b. Parades Always Open
6. Instant Win (Quest + Vortex)

NOTE: The Damage is a roulette, every round other unit of your team have the super power. Sometimes all, sometimes 2, sometimes only the pet. Happy roulette =D HP works for all, always.


Brave Frontier Mod is a role-playing game genre released by Gumi Inc with a strong fighting style, you will enjoy dramatic climactic battles with attractive effects. As a warrior participating in battles with nothing but courage, enter the arena with the goal of defeating all monsters and exploring the ancient world Grand Gaia. Since the launch of the game market until now, the gameplay has attracted a lot of participants, receiving more than 20 thousand reviews from all over the world. For players to easily access, currently the game is developed based on iOS and Android platforms and is specially downloaded for free without having to spend 1 penny. Besides, the Mod feature unlimited energy and all unlock will help you have the best experience.

Download Brave Frontier Mod – War Between Humans And Gods

The scene takes place in an ancient kingdom called Grand Gaia, where it is suffering a lot of damage because of the battles between the two main powers of the world, humans, and angels. The power of the humans cannot surpass the gods, so they have suffered a lot of losses, and are being covered by a dark space. Not only that, the events that took place at Grand Gai are heating up and Randall is learning about the recent wars. They predict that the war will go on for a long time and the gods will suppress and cause chaos for a long time. However, in this situation of dangling hair, a hero suddenly appeared, accepting the word to stand out and save humanity from the oppression of the gods.Brave Frontier Mod

Interesting gameplay

The gameplay of the game Brave Frontier Mod takes place quite easily with attractive classic battles. Before participating in the match, the player’s task will be to find out and select warriors with special powers and lead the beast into the battle. Along with that, at first, you choose for yourself a hero according to one of six natural elements including Fire, Water, Earth, Darkness, Light, and Thunder. It is important to keep in mind that each element has its own characteristics and that they will all be engraved in a circle, such as water, fire, and earth. Besides, the game has a high tactical factor so you need to have the right arrangements to participate in the match and achieve high efficiency.

Hero system

Besides, during the game, you can explore and collect many new generals, and especially each general has a summoned beast to accompany you. Hack Brave Frontier provides players with more than 400 heroes with diverse character designs and shapes with different special powers. A hero possesses his own skills such as having heroes that carry elemental systems or have the power to summon summoned beasts and create new sources of power. However, there are some characters that possess very rare light and shadow systems, making it difficult to summon and sometimes need luck.Game Brave Frontier Mod

Ultimate match

In each battle of Brave Frontier Mod, players will be able to choose up to 5 characters to confront the enemy, especially when you can choose to attack first, which opponent after. Then a clever strategy and special strength of a warrior will create surprises for the enemy. However, before completing the level, your characters will have to fight the last boss, possessing terrifying power. In addition, the game also owns more than 100 missions, according to the increasing level that you must complete in turn, as well as the difficulty will increase after you complete the previous mission. Besides, to achieve high efficiency, you can create an attack that makes the enemy surprise and fall into a passive position. However, you need to upgrade Brave Burst.

Complete mission

After completing the Brave Frontier Mod mission the player will receive a reward equivalent to the achievement achieved in the match. Sometimes it can be energy or gems, they are used to power you up to your hero or replay unfinished levels. Along with that, players can upgrade the resource exploitation works to bring a source of value for themselves. This will help you create weapons to improve your squad and tactics. In addition, players can participate in online PvP battles to unleash their team’s fighting ability as well as smart tactics that make opponents admire. Along with that when you defeat opponents in this top arena you will have a high chance of getting rare rewards.

Graphics and sound design

Brave Frontier Mod is designed with classic graphics, bringing players to an exciting experience. The scene takes place according to the ancient identity, giving the player many imprints, along with the delicately depicted ancient features to give the player a sense of authenticity. In addition, the character shape is meticulously elaborated with a cool style and a variety of colors. Along with the ultimate skill, the effect makes players feel like they are attracted to the game. Combined with the sound quality with powerful and fun music melodies create more excitement for players to participate.

When downloading the Mod version of the Brave Frontier game, players will experience an infinite amount of energy. Then you can unleash yourself in the top matches without worrying about energy, along with the all unlock feature will help you have the best experience. Besides, the game is entertaining to help you have relaxing moments when participating. Download the game Brave Frontier Mod to enjoy the ultimate battles between humans and gods.

Download Brave Frontier Mod APK (Menu, Money, Unlocked All)

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