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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

Transforming into cute animals and doing everything to your liking is a wonderful thing. If you want to experience that novelty and uniqueness, come to Bubbu School. An isolated city has only fun and beautiful things. There are pets playing, going to school together, and creating. Everything in here is exactly the same as in reality. Sharp 3D graphics add some realism to the game. The rules in Bubbu School Mod are not fixed, players can create their own style. Along with high-quality colorful 3D decoration, the pictures of pets are also colorful, vivid, and eye-catching like cartoons. The game gives you many extremely interesting and attractive activities. There you will let your pets dress up in beautiful costumes and backpacks to go to school. There are also real-world-like subjects here. It’s Fine Arts, Gymnastics, Music, Foreign Languages, etc. In addition, you can also show off your cooking skills in the school’s kitchen, making delicious and attractive dishes.

Download Bubbu School Mod – Transform into lovely animals

In Bubbu School Mod, players can act as pets. There will be countless characters for you to choose from such as Cat, dog, penguin, fox, pig, etc. In the game there are very rich activities for players to show their talent, race to win prizes to collect. coins for yourself. Use it to take your pet shopping at large luxury stores. You can also play the role of a super chef at school, making delicious and attractive dishes to serve your friends and teachers there. You will let your pets experience new games, and take interesting classes. Not only on campus but also can participate in outdoor activities. Like parties, picnics, or beach fun, etc. These events help you get to know more people.

Bubbu School mod

Start of subjects

There’s nothing better than learning to have the knowledge and playing games to relax and entertain. It’s subtle to be able to come up with games like Bubbu School Mod. You will learn and know more knowledge of subjects through controlling your pets. You can learn to dance, attend concerts, and play any instrument you like. There are also interesting subjects such as painting, playing slides, swings, etc. Train your intelligence through Maths, English, and learning the alphabet. Bubbu School Mod is a very suitable game for players at a young age to approach because it helps to recognize geometric shapes, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Bubbu School mod apk

Fresh creation

There are many fashion shops around the city you are in. There are thousands of luxurious costumes and accessories such as hats, skirts, clothes, eyeglasses, etc. Buy your pets expensive outfits, and use luxurious accessories. Best. Use them in accordance with each event taking place during the day. For example, dress up for school, picnic, party, etc. Here it is not only fun but also gets a lot of bonuses. If you win in each game that the system offers, your coins will be very large. Try to be creative to get great results.

Bubbu School mod


A game we have to go to school to learn, but it is also extremely entertaining. In Bubbu School Mod we are immersed in this exciting simulation world. In each classroom, there will be different games and learning styles. Art room where you express your creativity and can spark your imagination with certain paintings or decorate with objects to make them more attractive. In the cooking room, you will transform into a super chef. Prepare sandwiches for everyone, or maybe celebrate a friend’s birthday by creating delicious ice cream cakes. You can wash your own dishes, clean your kitchen. Each room will give players different tasks. Let’s finish well and have fun together.

Bubbu School mod apk

Use all your imagination and creative talents in Bubbu School. Turn an ordinary city into the most vibrant and fun place. Do everything with your friends to feel more joy in life. Gameplay is quite suitable for young ages because it is both educational and entertaining. It does not cause boredom but stimulates the baby’s senses to the highest degree. Download Bubbu School Mod transform into funny animals, become an excellent student, and complete all assigned tasks well.

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