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Buddy Toss Mod is a casual game released by CurryGames with a new and unique space travel style and you will discover things in space in an unexpected way. Inspired by the sport of throwing has also been an interesting source of inspiration for the publisher to create this fascinating game. Currently, the game is developed on two platforms, iOS, and Android, making it easy for players to access and free to download on the App Store and Google Play applications. Besides, when you download Mod Vip and unlimited stars, you will experience the great and best of the game.

Download Buddy Toss Mod – Soar Up Over Earth

Have you ever felt bored when you played games with high graphics and terrible designs? Today I will introduce to you a game with an interesting, unique style and simple graphics designed but will not lose the humor and full of good discovery. Buddy Toss Mod is a game that perhaps anyone since childhood has been made happy by his father when he lifted his hand slightly into the air and supported him. However, with the height of reality, it will not be possible to fly as high as in the game when it is possible to fly beyond the earth and to other planets.Buddy Toss Mod

Interesting gameplay

By joining Buddy Toss Mod, players can understand simply the playing style of “throw at the right time”. With a funny design at first, there will be a dog with a strong muscular body that will propel you into the air. After the first knock, your character falls, tap the screen so that the dog can build momentum and jump even higher. The game uses physical rules to play so keep tapping the screen at the right time and over and over again. Your goal will be to get a lot of points, then create the highest possible height and keep on throwing the next one will be higher than the previous one. Besides, players need to be careful and careful when accidentally touching the wrong time, the character will suffer a great consequence. That is falling directly from a height of hundreds of millions of kilometers to the ground, then the game is considered over.Game Buddy Toss Mod

Break the laws of physics

Leaving aside everything that we already know Buddy Toss Mod with a non-physical style will make you surprised when the laws of physics will not exist in the game. Besides flying high for you to earn points, the game also allows you to explore a new world when admiring tall buildings. Not stopping there when the movement of the earth and gravity will not be in the game, then you can pass beyond the earth to see everything in space. Or even explore the solar system, galaxies, cosmic black holes that can suck everything along with unknown planets, Everything that will not be used by current means. instead, it will be a muscular dog that will throw you in the air.

Unlock costumes and upgrade characters

Buddy Toss Mod provides players with more than 50 outfits and more than 30 accessories for you to make your character stand out. They are all inspired by reality to design costumes such as eyeglasses, hats, or beautiful clothes,… Besides increasing the effectiveness of the Buddy Toss Mod game you can upgrade character level, then every time the character is thrown into the air, it will be much higher than before. However, it is not possible that you can suddenly upgrade or your character can fly high, instead the player will have to use a certain number of stars to be able to upgrade. To earn stars, players need to participate in the game screen, after finishing you will receive the number of stars corresponding to the achievements you have achieved. And enter the shop to upgrade your character.Ear Buddy Toss Mod

Graphic design

Buddy Toss Mod is designed with vivid colorful 2D graphics, along with funny character designs full of humor. With such a colorful graphic, players will feel the fun, along with the laughter when playing. Besides, players can explore the beauty of outer space with galaxies, different colorful planets. Combined with realistic sounds with screams in fear from a height of millions of kilometers falling will make players feel more excited when participating.

When downloading the Mod version of the game Buddy Toss Mod, players will experience an interesting infinite star feature, then you can unlock costumes, buy different accessories to highlight your personality. his object. Or upgrade the character to be able to fly high in unexpected places. Along with that, the Vip feature will help you block ads and won’t be disturbed by them while you’re playing. Besides, the game is entertaining to help people have relaxing moments when participating.

Download Buddy Toss Mod APK 1.3.8 (Free shopping)

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