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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)


1. Can attack anyone you won’t busted
2. Unlimited Money
3. No lost Weapons On Busted
4. Unlimited Ammo
5. One Shot Kill
6. Unlimited Sprint (must have a bike as I didn’t have it I can’t guarantee, please test it and reply on this thread.)
7. Class Art easy mode
8. Paid game
9. No ADS

If in other games of the same genre. A school is a place where there are enough rules that we have to follow, in Bully Anniversary Edition it will be completely the opposite. The plot in the game is quite simple, here you will transform into a rebellious student who specializes in disrupting teachers and everyone. Because to protect the reputation of the teachers in the school are trying to stop you. However, that is too easy for you to overcome. Your companion is the guy Gary Smith, but once he betrayed and denounced, causing you to be suspended from school. The task of the player is to create teacher pranks and take revenge on Gary Smith. Do everything you can to make the teachers in the school fall into the trap, making them very angry but unable to find the culprit. In addition, you can also challenge your friends in school to subjects such as boxing, karate, marathon, etc. The graphics in the game are quite sharp and the movement is flexible. So players will be very easy to adapt. You can use every object in the school to create situations that disturb people. However, plan it perfectly so that no one finds out. Failure to do so will result in suspension from school. After a certain time, you can return and continue your games.

Download Bully Anniversary Edition Mod – Take revenge on teachers and friends

every day players will go to class as usual. Then take advantage of every moment to start your plan. For example, filming during test hours or working alone. The system will have a feature to warn the character when the teacher notices. Do everything very carefully so as not to be detected. When the teacher returns, he will return to the desk, until it is safe to continue his actions. When it’s recess time, use all the school objects to make fun of and prank your friends. Some things can set the time, which helps your hiding so that no one will notice. In addition, players can also do side quests to earn more money. Use it to buy things that help you more. Or join minigames for valuable rewards. There are many ways to annoy people.

Bully Anniversary Edition mod

Challenge your friends

There are many gymnasiums around the school in all subjects. If you want to compete with someone, send them a challenge letter, specifying the time and place. To be sure of winning, you need to practice a lot to improve your skills before that. It’s not natural to win, it’s a process. In this case, you should not use tricks but play fair to get achievements. The prize awarded to the winner of a sports competition is very valuable. That money will help you more in the future. So in the competition, fight with your ability and try to win.

Bully Anniversary Edition mod apk

Disrupting the school

As the incarnation of a rebellious student, the disturbance is not too surprising. There are many ways to do this. The system will provide you with a collection of tools to choose from. Get the items that best suit your plan. For example, a fake sticker to attach to a chemical potion, an ax to cut down all the trees in the school, or a water gun to prank people, etc. Be very careful or you will be suspended from school and prohibited from entering the school. Thus, it will certainly not be possible to complete the original plan given, but also the amount earned will be deducted.

Bully Anniversary Edition game mod

Graphics and sound

All movements in the game are very flexible, without any obstacles to facilitate the character’s escape. 3D graphics create a realistic feeling for players. It’s pretty much a school beyond reality about everything. You can clearly see even the small details because the manufacturer has designed it very meticulously. The sound output will depend on each case. Normally the background music is quite relaxing and comfortable. But in situations of suspense and urgency when implementing the plan, the music is very exciting. That has created inspiration and excitement for players a lot more.

Bully Anniversary Edition mod apk

After successful plans, take photos to keep as a souvenir. The things you do aren’t all bad, they’re just student pranks as usual. Gameplay is created to satisfy the need that for players. Help them relax more after those funny jokes. And if that is also one of your preferences, Bully Anniversary Edition Mod is a very right choice.

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