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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Bus Simulator Indonesia Is a lifelike driving simulation game, now very popular with many players with many different versions, but with this version, you will drive with the task of returning passengers on all roads of the land. Indonesia country. Designed routes similar to that of the country, so that you can discover more things you do not know about Indonesia, with many different missions. This game is designed on two platforms, Android and IOS to serve all players and is developed by Maleo provider, has been used by a lot of people, this game will not make you disappointed, the experience is good. Be the best car driver.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod – Join the Journey of Discovery

In the game, you will be able to become an on-demand passenger car driver, ensure that the people on the car arrive as required, ensure their safety, just a little negligence you can pay. So be very careful and drive safely. Hack Bus Simulator Indonesia with the task of receiving and taking guests to the designated points marked on the map. With the car with the customer driving on the designated roads, don’t think it’s easy that there will be challenges made to increase the excitement and fun of the game. Going on difficult roads with steep cliffs, constantly changing weather designs, including cars that go with you to not cause traffic accidents, you will receive bonuses according to the difficulty of the task. so don’t be pessimistic.Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod

Controlling the buses is not too difficult, with a first-person perspective you will see the interior is designed like a normal car, as well as other driving games with three main buttons. function, brake, throttle, and some auxiliary buttons that are turn signals, lights, sirens or call for help if something unexpected happens.

Fine-tune your Bus

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod has a car system designed according to Indonesian cars, there are not too many cars with only six but those are not the same structure, but each one is very unique, with two floors and has a roof. Each bus has a different price and each one is not cheap with the most expensive one possible so the winch costs Rp 1,800,000, you will have to try very hard to buy one even are the cheapest as they are up to Rp 100,000.

It is possible that because there are only six cars, there are not too many cars, so the developer has designed for you to be able to fine-tune your car with a variety of systems, you can replace each part of the car when pressing. Go to the Upgrade section, which can be adjusted from the outside like paint, wheels, lights, etc. to the inside, there will be a lot of things for you to change depending on your liking: the flash, the control panel, curtains… can also be changed. However, if you want to change it, you will have to spend a lot of money from 20,000 Rp to 75,000 Rp, if you change it all, the amount can make you panic.Game Bus Simulator Indonesia

Mode of Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod

Game Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod is designed with three modes that are free play, career mode, and Multiplayer to give you a try. With career mode, you will have to complete countless tasks assigned, but there are many trials, there is big money for elite drivers. Multiplayer will appear first because it is the mode that connects you with countless other players when they choose the same model and the same server, it will also cost you Rp 40,000 to be able to play this mode. And the last mode is the free mode to comfortably drive anywhere you choose.

With Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod version you will get Unlimited Fuel ability, to go everywhere to your car without having to worry about fuel limit hindering your movement, go everywhere were to explore all of Indonesia, feel the best gaming experience, what’s not to try to experience this game immediately, to let yourself feel the most authentic driving. Besides, the game is entertaining to help you have relaxing moments when participating.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK 3.6.1 (Unlimited Fuel)

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