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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Bus Simulator: Original Mod is a simulation game provided by Ovidiu Pop. Currently, the game has attracted more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play app. Along with that, it received nearly 40,000 positive feedbacks from all over the world. With an interesting driving style, the player will become a bus driver. With the task of operating and controlling the vehicle to move all the way. Perform assigned duties, by driving safely and picking up passengers in accordance with regulations. Especially the game simulates in the most detail to each control button and switches on the car. Promises to bring players a fascinating experience.

Download Bus Simulator: Original Mod – Become a Bus Driver

The scene takes place in a large city in Europe. Inspired by bus drivers, daily control the car to move around the roads. Picking up guests at fixed locations, for them, it is a passion and desire to develop themselves. Join Bus Simulator: Original Mod, the player will become a bus driver. Experience many interesting tasks and feel the busy time of a job that looks light but not simple at all. Starting the game you will be given a bus. This is the starting point for players to develop their careers. During the game, pay attention to the small map that appears on the screen. It displays the information of the vehicle you are operating, as well as the pick-up stations that you need to park.Tai Bus Simulator Original Mod APK

Realistic simulation

The game simulates the traffic system in a realistic way. Bus Simulator: Original Mod requires players to know the traffic rules and the vehicle they are driving. In addition to picking up customers, players also have to drive safely and according to traffic rules. You shouldn’t break the ground rules, like running a red light, swinging a hammock, dodging crutches, or speeding. In parallel with that, every day there will be a lot of vehicles moving on the road. Requires players to observe carefully and drive safely. That not only makes the passengers happy but also helps you to complete the task in the best way. If an accident occurs, you will be responsible and experience points deducted. Besides, in the process of driving if you violate too many errors of a driver.Bus Simulator Original Mod

Control system

The control system of Bus Simulator: Original Mod is depicted in the most detail. From the basic switches of a bus to the control keys on the car. Includes left and right turn signals, lights on and off, and danger warnings. Even the horn and wipers appear on the dashboard. In parallel with that, the left corner of the screen displays 2 control keys. Used by the player to navigate the vehicle. The right corner of the screen includes the brake and accelerator pedals, which are used to increase travel speed or stop the vehicle completely. In the center of the screen, show the speed and map of the vehicle you are operating. However, in order for the car to move, you will have to perform the same operation as in reality. That is to press the D icon to enter the number and make the car move. Or when you want to reverse the car, you can go into R gear.Tai Bus Simulator Original Mod

Various maps

Bus Simulator: Original Mod is designed to expand the map of Europe. That means you will be able to explore a lot of different lands. This seems to be an adventure, allowing players to explore famous locations around the world. Along with that, you will admire the beautiful scenic way in your car. From the peaceful countryside, over the craggy mountains. Even the crowded cities will be recreated in the most realistic way. You can even drive your own bus from the bustling city of Paris. Move to Rome to discover its history and antiquity. Or enjoy the fresh air of nightfall and listen to the wind blowing. That will help you feel a pleasant atmosphere.Download Bus Simulator Original Mod

Vehicle system

Besides, Bus Simulator: Original Mod provides players with a diverse bus system. With more than 20 different types of vehicles, they are designed with completely separate designs and models. Along with that, technical specifications are also displayed in detail on each vehicle. Like the number of people it can hold, horsepower, and torque. That helps you to choose for yourself a car that is suitable for the money you have. With that, your duties are varied. For example, picking up and dropping off office workers or picking up children from school. Or even driving tours, transporting passengers to famous places or beautiful scenic areas. Besides, the game has 3 interesting modes for you to experience. The pro mode will make you a real bus driver. Free mode, allowing you to freely move in an open world without any constraints.Bus Simulator Original Mod APK

When downloading the Mod version of the game Bus Simulator: Original. Players will experience the exciting unlimited money feature. Using that money, you can unlock many new buses with better parameters. In addition, Bus Simulator: Original Mod is designed with realistic 3D graphics. Players will feel a beautiful setting in the open space. Freedom to move around and the freedom to do what you want. The image quality is carefully elaborated, helping you to have moments of relaxation and comfort. The shape of the cars is very realistic, creating a sense of approachability and attraction for the participants. Combine vivid sound quality, expressed through the soothing background music. Or the sound of the car’s engine every time you go up the pass.

Download Bus Simulator: Original Mod APK 3.8 (Unlimited Money)

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