Calibria: Crystal Guardians Mod APK 2.2.11 (Menu, Immortality, Damage)

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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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1. MOD Menu
2. Damage Multiplier
– Increase Player Damage. x1 – x100 Slider
3. Defense Multiplier
– Increase Player Defense. x1 – x100 Slider
4. Unlimited Skills
– No Skill CD
5. Always Your Turn
– Skip Enemy Turn

Note: Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps

Modded by TheArmKing


Credits: Blackmod

Calibria: Crystal Guardians takes the player to a distant kingdom on the land of Calibria. This place holds a precious crystal that has magical power, sustaining the life of all things. Because it is extremely precious, it is always watched by the forces of darkness. They want to rob it to carry out evil plots. Join the gameplay now to prevent bad things from coming to this land. Players will transform into strong, brave, and intelligent warriors. Along with talented teammates who have the task of protecting the treasure or protecting the safety of the kingdom. The forces of darkness are extremely strong, especially the evil lord, cunning and cunning. Therefore, it is not easy to deal with them. As a pioneer, you need to build yourself a team of brave and excellent warriors. Equipped with modern weapons, Protective gear will definitely kill them more easily. The gameplay has a meaningful storyline along with accessible gameplay that will captivate you at first sight.

Download Calibria: Crystal Guardians Mod – Fight to protect the kingdom against the forces of darkness

The land in Calibria: Crystal Guardians Mod is a place where all things proliferate smoothly. Thanks to the crystal’s radiating energy, showing an extremely perfect power. If it falls into the hands of an evil force, it will cause unimaginable serious consequences. Making people’s lives fall into a tragedy of death and misery. Even life will slowly die and perish forever. A person who possesses special powers and is also capable of commanding a powerful army. Players need to stand up for action, not letting them successfully carry out their evil plots. Use all your experience and combat skills. Together with a powerful squad, join forces to destroy the enemy. Sweeping the lair and removing them disappeared completely. Build a solid, solid place to store the crystal. Set traps around so the monsters don’t have a chance to get close. Thus, both can ensure the safety of the treasure and at the same time feel secure to perform other tasks. Players will control their characters with virtual keys on the screen. It takes regular practice to be able to move your warrior flexibly, mastering the gameplay features.

Calibria Crystal Guardians mod

Style play

Players will not have to worry when they first join Calibria: Crystal Guardians Mod. The gameplay is extremely easy to understand, so you will quickly get used to everything on the first screen. The controller is designed to be simple, including Joystick, attack and defense buttons, etc. So the movement of launching moves to attack the enemy is very quick. Each character will have an HP bar, players will easily adjust the fitness for their character. Dodge the enemy’s attacks, because it will deal a lot of damage and lack of health. Collect items that will appear during combat. It will help you increase strength, heal, increase attack speed, and many more special functions. Guaranteed to be able to knock down enemies in a flash.

Calibria Crystal Guardians mod hack

Recruiting talented warriors

Fight with terrible enemies, players need the support of teammates. Gameplay allows you to build yourself the most perfect team. The system will provide a variety of the most talented heroes for players to choose from. Each person will have their own unique strengths and extremely unique and distinguishable appearance. To easily rate and collect the right warriors for your team. The system will update the details of students about their physical strength, skills, stats, etc. Build yourself a team of diverse strengths. Can create many powerful moves to conquer difficult levels. It also makes it easier to destroy the boss who possesses the power of a dark force.

Calibria Crystal Guardians mod apk

Fight with monsters

Countless monsters will stand in your way in your search for the lair of the dark forces. They will suddenly attack the player’s life at any time. The main goal is to destroy the boss and survive the entire game. So you must always be careful against these aggressive monsters. Attack things that take your life. Do not hesitate to engage in combat, but attack continuously towards the enemy. In order to quickly enter their lair, eliminate all the squishy soldiers. And get ready for a decisive battle to the death with the dark lord. Team up with your teammates to create smart strategies to win. Observe the weakness and take advantage of the opportunity when he is negligent will charge in all directions. Making the other boss unable to react and be defeated quickly.

Calibria Crystal Guardians game mod

Graphics and Sound

Calibria: Crystal Guardians Mod is highly appreciated for its graphic quality. The publisher has specially designed the gameplay with a 3D configuration. Help players feel the world in the game in the most realistic way. Sharp images with well-coordinated colors. Bringing you the beautiful vistas of the land of Calibria. Characters have a very unique and funny shape wearing beautiful skins. Make the warrior image more majestic and attractive. The sound system is elaborately and meticulously built. So players can feel all the sounds in the game just like in reality. From the sound of footsteps, the roar of monsters, the sounds of animals, the voices of people, etc. The vibrant, dramatic background music is constantly changing to suit each situation in the game.

Come to Calibria: Crystal Guardians to discover the stories of brave heroes. And learn the mystery in the precious crystal. Complete all the missions to get attractive rewards. You can invite friends to join the fight and enjoy the great feeling of victory. People will understand each other better and become closer. Download Calibria: Crystal Guardians Mod adventure journey to the beautiful kingdom of Calibria to carry out a noble mission.

Download Calibria: Crystal Guardians Mod APK 2.2.11 (Menu, Immortality, Damage)

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