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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod is an action game published by Triniti Interactive Studios Limited. Bringing hunting style, players will enter fascinating adventures. Inspired by Jurassic movies, players will be immersed in the world of dinosaurs. Here, you will become an animal hunter with a gun in your hand. Will begin to participate in chases to take down prey. The game is currently free to download on the App Store and Google Play apps. In particular, the game has attracted a lot of participants. On the Android platform alone, the game has attracted more than 10 million downloads. Along with that, it has received more than 57 thousand positive feedbacks from all over the world.

Download Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod – Dinosaur Hunt

The context of Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod takes place in a 3D space. It consists of many different lands, from volcanoes bubbling with lava. To a frozen snowy mountain, or a vast forest. Besides, huge dinosaurs also appeared everywhere. With an aggressive nature, with sharp fangs. They will attack any prey that appears in front of them. Players will become animal hunters, with the goal of killing all the dinosaurs to complete the mission. The hunt was intense and tense. Combine a variety of weapon systems, with ferocious dinosaurs. Players will have an exciting adventure in many different lands.

Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod

Interesting gameplay

The control system of Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod is quite simple. Players will quickly get used to it after a period of experience. The left side of the screen displays the Joystick virtual key, which is used to control the character to move on the map. The right corner of the screen shows the gun’s reticle. You can press and hold to fire lead bullets at the target. The gameplay of the game only consists of simple operations, the player mainly touches and swipes to control the character. However, to be able to knock down the dinosaurs. Requires you to have a flexible movement skill, and the ability to aim extremely accurately. Because your target has a solid defense and the power of sharp jaws. If unfortunately attacked by them, quickly run away from the fierce pursuit. During the run, you can combine with shooting to knock down the target.

Download Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod

Various weapon systems

The player’s task is to defeat the dinosaurs in many harsh lands. Along with the danger that is always lurking around, if you are not careful, you will become prey at any time. Along with that, guns are a very important factor to help you overcome challenges and difficulties. Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod provides players with a diverse weapon system, with extremely interesting features. With more than 50 different weapons, will bring you attractive hunting. Each type of gun is designed with different strengths, stats and effects. Also, the game takes you to 24 fierce boss battles. Here you will be able to show your strength and skills to overcome difficulties. Along with that, there are more than 50 missions and achievements for players to strive and strive for. After completing the quest, you will get the experience to level up.

Tai Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod

Graphics and sounds of the game

Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod is graphically designed on a 3D platform. Bringing the Lego cartoon style, along with a 3rd person perspective. Will give players a wider and multidimensional perspective. The details are designed just enough, will not be too excellent, and most realistic. But still enough to meet the basic conditions of the player. Diverse colors with flexibly changing light and dark colors. Especially the effects of extremely unique weapons will help players get more excited when participating. The sound system is fun and stimulating for each context. Promises to bring you unforgettable moments.

Game Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod

You will experience extremely interesting features when downloading the Mod version of the game Call of Mini Dino Hunter. Own an unlimited amount of money when you join an attractive animal hunting game. Using that money, you can unlock a lot of powerful weapons. And shop everything in the store without worrying about money. Along with that is to upgrade the character’s weapons and equipment. The things that can be bought are very important and useful in the dinosaur hunt. So you will not have to try too hard to accumulate with the Mod version of unlimited money.

Download Call of Mini Dino Hunter Mod APK 3.2.5 (Unlimited Money)

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