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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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When you want to become a hero and test your ability to survive and fight. Call of Mini Zombies is a survival action game with all the elements you need. Players will be transported to a world in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Will have to survive and destroy them in the apocalypse. The survival of humanity depends on your bravery and fighting ability. The zombies are becoming more and more aggressive, they are frantically searching for those who are still alive. Being a lucky survivor and having special powers. Players will have to take up guns, stand up and rush into battles with that hideous undead. Beat them to pieces and disappear from this world completely. Returning a peaceful and peaceful life to people. To do this requires you to have skills and experience in combat with the most modern weapons. Gameplay with interesting tasks combined with 3D graphics will give players great relaxing moments.

Download Call of Mini Zombies Mod – Fight against the zombie pandemic in the apocalypse

Call of Mini Zombies Mod simulates an extremely chaotic world scene. There are zombies everywhere, the smell of the dead is terrible. The danger is always lurking around the survivors. Find them and take them to a safe, secret place. Players can flexibly move their characters with the on-screen controller. Go to places where there are zombies and use a gun to shoot bullets continuously at them. Do not let the undead get too close, because it is very easy to attack. Because the number of your enemies is very large, if you are not careful, you will have to stop the game at any time. Use bombs when you see a crowd of zombies gathering. With just a push of an activation button, they will disintegrate without loosing any strength. This gameplay requires strategy rather than strength. So, Use your intelligence to create methodical and reasonable strategies. Destroy enemies from afar and ensure the safety of your character’s life. Along the way, it is necessary to dodge traps and obstacles so as not to get injured, affecting achievements. Collect valuable items to aid in battle.

Call of Mini Zombies mod

Equipment system

Players will be fully equipped with equipment and weapons. Get ready to fight the zombies. Modern weapons such as Machine guns, rifles, pistols, knives, swords, etc. There are many types to use in distance and close combat. Players will be spoiled to experience the extremely high destructive power of these modern weapons. Each time you kill an enemy, you will be more excited and keep shooting bullets continuously, already. In addition, you will be provided with items such as Armor, shoes, hats, medical tools, bombs, etc. Help players avoid damage and ensure the best fitness.

Call of Mini Zombies mod apk

Experience with friends

In Call of Mini Zombies Mod you will have to perform a lot of difficult tasks and challenges. Gameplay allows players to invite their friends to join. They will assist you to complete the tasks easily. Build yourself a strong team to conquer difficult levels. Work together in a good way, to destroy many enemies and receive attractive rewards. Everyone will have moments of entertainment and relaxation together. Contributing to making the relationship become closer and closer.

Game Call of Mini Zombies mod

Various battle locations

Call of Mini Zombies Mod has many battle locations for you to experience. For example Town, city, desert, in the forest, etc. Each level will be a location, players have the opportunity to travel everywhere. Seeing the sights of the world will definitely boost your fighting spirit very effectively. Each land will contain different dangers, players will have to promptly adapt and conquer challenges. Go through all the levels of gameplay to adventure around the world and enjoy the unique scenery.

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Graphics and sound

Call of Mini Zombies Mod has blocky graphics so it is very unique. Create extremely impressive Lego-style characters. Along with eye-catching skins will stimulate players even more. The scene is rich with many beautiful battle locations. The details and images are shown sharp, the operation is extremely smooth. Various sounds of zombies, people, everyday noises. The song in the game is extremely exciting, making the player gets caught up in the fast pace of the game.

If you are a fan of the action-shooter genre. Call of Mini Zombies will be a smart choice, don’t miss it. Players will be participating in dramatic battles with hordes of zombies, scary. Experience the impressive block-style graphics. Fight with friends and have moments of relaxation and fun. Download Call of Mini Zombies Mod complete the noble mission, become a legendary hero.

Download Call of Mini Zombies Mod APK 4.4.2 (Immortal, onehit)

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