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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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I Can Paint Mod is a simulation game published by Crazy Labs by TabTale. Players will enter an exciting virtual world, with the task of creating beautiful pictures. The game has an art style, helping you to become a talented painter. Especially you can unleash your creativity. And draw beautiful pictures with different paint colors. Although the gameplay of the game is quite simple, it makes many players love it. Because the game helps you feel the most authentic works of art. If you are an art lover and like vivid 3D paintings. Then gameplay will be an accurate choice for you to explore.

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Coming to I Can Paint Mod you will be creative with beautiful paintings. Especially in the game, you are the owner of the art painting shop. Every day, there will be many customers coming to your shop to order paintings. Everyone who comes here has different requirements and preferences. What you need to do is to meet the conditions that the customer gives. Here, players will be offered a variety of paints. Along with that are a paint box and a lanyard. Your task is to mix paint colors inside the box. Then use the string to draw artistic pictures. It looks easy, but it’s not simple at all. Because your customers are sometimes meticulous people, they will be strict with simple motifs.I Can Paint Mod

Simple gameplay

The control system of I Can Paint Mod is quite simple. Players will quickly get acquainted as soon as they join the first game screen. You just need to perform touch and move operations on the screen, to control the paintbox. Not like the usual art game genres. That is the player will use a crayon or art pen to perform. Then here, the game uses the paint box as a painting tool. Paint colors will flow from the bottle, they will automatically move with a uniform force or rotate. Only with the intervention of your finger will the paint pot change the stroke. So you need to combine your observation and your aesthetic ability. To create a complete picture and receive compliments from customers.Tai I Can Paint Mod

Lots of levels

Besides, I Can Paint Mod owns hundreds of different levels. Each level is a different challenge, helping you to explore. Gradually over time, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase each time you move to the next level. For example, in the early stages, you only need to draw all 5 progress to be able to complete them. But the higher the level, the progress of the game will increase more. Requires people to spend longer time drawing. To complete a picture, the player needs to complete the progress enough. Each progress is a different line and you need to draw enough lines. Then a complete picture will be born. At this time, customers will rely on the highlights and beauty that the picture brings. To pay an amount corresponding to its value. The better the painting, the higher the value of that painting.

Many paint boxes

In addition, I Can Paint Mod provides players with a variety of drawing tools. Those are paint boxes with different colors. However, they are not completely free, instead, you have to spend a corresponding amount to own. Along with that, there are a few paint colors that require players to watch a video to unlock. Or you can spend money to buy a rug and put pictures on it. Besides, the game is designed with unique 3D graphics. Sharp image quality, with beautiful art paintings. Combined with many different paint colors, it will help you to be creative with your passion for art.Download I Can Paint Mod

I Can Paint Mod is designed graphically in 3D. The interface of the game is quite simple but focuses on aesthetic factors. In particular, players will be able to manually create unique pictures. Along with that, many different paint colors will help you unleash your creativity. Each picture has its own beauty, requiring players to have good drawing skills. You can even apply the drawing in the game to reality. Besides, the game will help you relieve stress after a long tiring day at work.

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