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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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For a time, there were videos of using hydraulic presses to destroy various objects. Items range from as soft as plastic or rubber to as hard as steel. Even large items are crushed easily. Developer BoomBit Games took inspiration from that to create Car Crusher Mod. A lot of people have a strange hobby, looking and watching with large hydraulic machines. That’s why this game was built, to satisfy some people. But with this game, you don’t have to destroy everything, your job is just crushing large vehicles. The ones that have expired, and are no longer usable, compact it to reduce the storage space. You will see a series of cars, even the expensive ones, all turned into a pile of scrap metal.

Download Car Crusher Mod – Crush Everything

Car Crusher Mod has been designed with large presses with extremely powerful force. In order to be able to affect large objects, especially cars with a solid structure made of steel. Simple cars, the smallest cars. Even larger types like trucks, tough like vehicles that specialize in durability. Even crane trucks, which are normally almost non-injurious, can become crushed objects. In addition, there are also vehicles such as helicopters or tanks. Also becomes a pile of scrap metal with a hydraulic press. So surely you can see the power, its ability is that nothing can make it difficult. But such things you just need to touch the screen, everything else is automatic. Insert the prepared media into the machine. Then the rest was designed for constant forward motion acting on the vehicle. Just like that, the car is compressed from many sides, it will shrink, your job will be completed.Ear Car Crusher Mod

Pressing All Types of Media

In order for players to be able to see the power of the press, it is also necessary to have ingredients to put in. But in the game Car Crusher Mod, the object that is forced is the vehicle, with all kinds of different cars. Cars to move, or even those in the construction site such as excavators, or rollers. They were all crushed by the power of the hydraulic machine. There are also helicopters, tanks with tough shells. Almost nothing can harm, piercing even bullets or artillery can not destroy. But in the game, standing in front of the hydraulic press is just like a pile of scrap metal. Nothing can keep its shape intact after being subjected to such pressure.Download Car Crusher Mod

Hydraulic Machine Upgrade

Whether starting any game is designed according to a certain cycle, starting from easy to difficult challenges. Car Crusher Mod was created in the same way, initially with only small vehicles. So players can easily squeeze with the machine available from the beginning. But gradually, to increase the attractiveness to players, the difficulty also increases. The challenge comes to players, if they want to be able to fulfill the requirements, they need to increase their hydraulic power. Just being able to afford to turn large, sturdy cars or even tanks are squeezed tightly. There is a whole system for you to upgrade, just a fee is enough to power to crush any vehicle.Car Crusher Mod

Pressing Effect

Car Crusher Mod is designed with easy gameplay, there are not many things for players to show their abilities. Simply press, hold the button to be able to perform the task of the game. Use a hydraulic press to compact the garbage vehicle. But because of that, the game has enough capacity, taking care of another problem. Both to compensate for the game and to create a beautiful highlighting effect. That’s when pressing any vehicle, the car will be deformed, the car parts will also fall out. Even the glass was broken, flying, spreading everywhere. Everything about the car is lifelike, even the clatter is clearly visible.Game Car Crusher Mod

Playing Car Crusher Mod game you will get a huge amount of money. Because the game has been created with a new feature that is unlimited money. For players to comfortably upgrade their hydraulic press, to the strongest life. It doesn’t take a bit of effort while some people work hard for money and don’t even have time to rest. Make sure you get a juicer right from the start that can crush even the hardest ones. Try to be able to overcome all the assigned tasks, for all the cars in the game to be scrap metal.

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