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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Car Parking and Driving Simulator Mod is a simulation game. The game is a combination of 2 elements of car customization and a driving simulator. Designed to be extremely realistic, from the control mechanism to the structural details of each racing car. Publisher OB Games offers you 520 unique missions. Each mission has its own racing style. Incorporating an optimized, realistic console. Make driving easy. Starting from customizing the parameters of the racing cars, put them on the track to experience. Enjoy the thrill of driving through exciting races. Show the skills of a professional racer to overcome obstacles. Perform the ultimate drifting skills by burning tires on the road.

Download Car Parking and Driving Simulator Mod – The Game That Combines Driving Simulator And Car Customization

The interface of the Car Parking and Driving Simulator Mod displays all the control functions of a car. The driving system is simulated in detail. The steering wheel, brake pedal, accelerator are arranged in the appropriate position. However, if you want to drive, you need to combine the gear lever. Shifting flexibly to match the speed and rpm will help the car operate stably. Simultaneously combine smoothly the control operations. From there, you can control the speed and control the car on the road. Besides, a series of other control functions are provided by the game. Includes hazard warning, windshield washer, horn, turn signal, lights, and radio. Depending on the situation, use the appropriate function for safe driving. The game also provides some additional safety features for the vehicle. Including ABS, ESP, TCS if you want to use it, you need to turn on those features.Download Car Parking and Driving Simulator Mod

Customize and upgrade racing cars

The garage of Car Parking and Driving Simulator Mod is where you can customize your racing car in your own style. Paint colors, rims, exhaust pipes, windows, undercarriage, bonnet, lights, horns, etc. And many other spare parts and components are waiting for you to discover. Each function after customization will change to the structure. As well as changing the appearance and performance of the car. For example change the paint color, with a diverse paint collection. You can choose a favorite paint color to change the exterior color of the car. Or customize the undercarriage, which can be raised and lowered. Depending on your tuning style, but it will partly affect the vehicle’s performance, which can be good or bad. However, each upgrade or customization option will cost you quite a bit. But it will give you a sense of euphoria,Car Parking and Driving Simulator Mod

Diverse game modes with their own gameplay

The game mode of Car Parking and Driving Simulator Mod is extremely diverse. Each mode is designed with its own gameplay, unique driving style. These include free racing mode, career, skill test, drift, and break mode. When participating in the free mode, you can enjoy the feeling of driving in a large city. There are no traffic rules and can drive comfortably to travel to many different locations. Or enter career mode to become a civilized driver. Obey traffic rules, stop and park at the specified places. Come to drift mode to freely burn tires on the road. Practice drift skills to prove yourself as a professional racer. In particular, each racing mode that takes place has a process. Starting from the starting point, the course of the race, as well as the obstacles that appear on the road.Tai Car Parking and Driving Simulator Mod

Rich map, harsh environment

Car Parking and Driving Simulator Mod provides builders with a rich map system. A diverse racing environment like desert, winter, hilly, airport, city, seaport. Even a night race environment, with limited visibility. Each map is designed with its own difficulty, as well as extreme environmental conditions. For example, in a winter environment, the road surface is snowy, causing the vehicle to be slippery. Or a seaport map, if you are not careful, you will be plunged into the sea. No matter what model and environment you join. Driving skill is the most important factor. It determines the outcome of your race. Therefore, you need to improve your driving skills through the races when participating.Game Car Parking and Driving Simulator Mod

From the diverse map system with many different racing environments that Car Parking and Driving Simulator Mod provide. Will help you not to get bored after a period of experience. It also increases the excitement when the difficulty of each race is increased. After finishing each race, you will get a bonus. From there it is possible to upgrade and customize racing cars in the garage. Create a new racing car with powerful performance.

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