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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Car Parking Pro Mod is a driving game that simulates the process of car parking. The player’s task when participating is to control the car parked in the right position. In the process, players will have to drive on narrow, challenging roads. Cleverly dodge surrounding obstacles, move flexibly through, and not collide. Then, park the car as accurately as possible at the pre-marked location on the map. Complete the mission to move to the next level. The game uses sharp 3D graphics, the cars and roads are reproduced very realistically. Along with realistically designed parking positions, help you improve your parking skills in real life. Although not as complete as reality, but surely the game will help you to some extent in parking skills.

Download Car Parking Pro Mod – Drive And Park Your Car Correctly In The Required Location

By joining Car Parking Pro Mod you become a driver practice. With tasks related to parking in the right location on many different maps. Starting from a big car, you need to move skillfully in a parking lot. Avoid obstacles and surrounding cars, absolutely no collision. Search the parking location on the map, show your skills to park the car in the most accurate way. Achieve up to 3 stars to receive valuable rewards after each level. Besides, upgrading and improving racing cars are also integrated into the game. After upgrading will help your car perform better. At the same time, you have the opportunity to explore many different parking locations. With increasing challenges through each level, bringing an interesting experience.Car Parking Pro Mod

Upgrade and improve racing cars

Using the money earned from the levels of Car Parking Pro Mod, you can upgrade your car in your own style. Choose your favorite paint color to create a car with a unique look. Make the car stand out when moving on the road. Replace a new set of tires, help the car have better friction and traction. At the same time, upgrade the car brakes to be able to reduce speed quickly when encountering unexpected situations, Besides, upgrading the sensor system is very necessary. Sometimes you will have to park in a narrow spot, with other cars close by. A well-functioning sensor system will help you recognize when the car is about to hit the surrounding objects. This helps you feel safe every time you park, can easily complete the task with excellence.Download Car Parking Pro Mod

Note the fuel tank, some factors cause the number of stars to decrease

During the process of driving the car to the location on the map, Car Parking Pro Mod has some notes about the fuel tank. The player cannot move freely on the map forever without matching the vehicle to the required location. Because the amount of fuel is limited, if you do not park the car in the right place before the fuel tank is exhausted, you will lose. Or park the car in the correct location but not correctly will not be able to reach the maximum number of stars. For example, when the car is horizontal, the rear of the car is not straight compared to the front. Causing the car to skew, not parallel to other cars in the parking lot. Moreover, in the process of moving the vehicle, you must also observe carefully. If you accidentally collide with other cars, you will not be able to achieve excellent results. That will make the bonus amount when received is not high.Car Parking Pro Mod

Diverse vehicle system

The vehicle system of Car Parking Pro Mod is extremely diverse and rich. Not just an ordinary car, you have the opportunity to experience many different types of cars. Each car is divided into many segments such as passenger cars, supercars, passenger cars, and container trucks. However, the amount of money to own a car is not cheap, you need to spend a lot of time to accumulate money. Completing excellent levels helps you quickly accumulate money faster. Then choose a favorite car and unlock it to start enjoying your own car. Especially each car in the game has its own vision and steering angle. Help you enjoy the real feeling when using a certain car to experience.Ear Car Parking Pro Mod

Car Parking Pro Mod is a simulation game, so the control mechanism is similar to other driving games. The virtual steering wheel is located to the left of the screen, you just need to touch and rotate to navigate the car’s movement. The right corner of the screen is displayed with the brake and accelerator pedals, helping you to increase and decrease the vehicle’s speed. Besides, the car’s gear lever is simulated very realistically. Before starting, you need to move the gear lever to D. In case of necessity, change the shift lever to N to reverse the vehicle.

Download Car Parking Pro Mod APK 0.3.4 (Unlimited Money)

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