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Car Stunt Races Mod takes you to completely new car races. Combine speed and driving skills, overcome arc roads. Gliding on dangerous turns, skillfully dodging obstacles on the track. At the same time, you can explore new maps, enjoy the thrilling racing feeling. The most outstanding feature that the game brings is the unique racing space. Detailed simulation of dangerous collision situations. In particular, the developer AxesInMotion Racing builds extremely realistic racing gameplay. Focus on driving skills on the road, combining the ability to handle situations flexibly.

Download Car Stunt Races Mod – Race to challenge your driving skills

The gameplay of the Car Stunt Races Mod is not like normal racing games. Here, you cannot move freely on the road or launch the car at full speed. With no competitors, you enter the race alone. Join the game, you need to drive professionally. Master the speed and control the racing car well. Move accurately along the way, observing the obstacles ahead. Navigate the car accurately, do not let the racing car deviate from the path. Race against time to reach the finish line safely. With the goal of achieving the best with the maximum number of stars. Skill is the most important factor in the game, directly determining your race. If you want to win, you need to improve your skills with each race.Car Stunt Races Mod

The course of the race

Start Car Stunt Races Mod in the vast sea oil field. You control the car to move through giant oil pipes to reach the finish line. In the process, there are many challenges that you have to face. The oil pipes are your path, but they are constantly spinning. At the same time, obstacles appeared on the oil pipes. If you hit it will cause the car to stop. Combined with the rotating path will cause your car to fall into the sea. Although you can respawn to continue the race. But the achievement will be reduced and the maximum score cannot be reached. Not stopping there, sometimes you will have to rush to new oil pipelines. This will make your car very vulnerable to collisions with obstacles. Because they often appear unexpectedly at the first point of a new path. If you do not handle the situation in time, your racing car will have an accident.Tai Car Stunt Races Mod

Try to get maximum stars

Each race takes place, you have 3 gold stars. Each star corresponds to a replay, each time you fall into the sea, you will be returned to the time when you fell. However, your achievement is based on the number of stars you have when you reach the finish line. The higher the number of stars, the greater the reward received. Therefore, try to use all your driving skills to safely move to the finish line. Never have to play again and win with the maximum number of stars. From there, you will get a lot of bonuses from the system.

Quest, difficulty

The task of Car Stunt Races Mod is divided into different levels. At each level, you need to drive safely to reach the finish line. Control the vehicle at a fast or slow speed depending on the situation on the road. Flexible combination of control skills and observation ability to handle situations. After completing the mission, you will move to the next level. The difficulty of the game also increases with each level of play. Along with that, the rewards you get are also more than before. However, obstacles and moving paths will be much longer and more difficult than before. You need to improve your car control skills through each previous level to continue the journey.Car Stunt Races Mod APK

Lots of racing cars for you to explore

Owning a diverse racing car system, divided into different categories such as C, B, A. Each racing car in Car Stunt Races Mod has its own operating ability. You can see details of each vehicle’s specifications such as top speed, power, braking, and drift. Each parameter has its own feature, the higher the parameter, the better the car works. For example, the higher the power of the vehicle, the easier it will be to handle emergency situations. In case the car is about to crash, you can press the gas to bring the car back to track. Or break the car to help slow down quickly when needed. A variety of cars for you to discover such as 112 Coupe, Coquette Z66, Arrabbiato, Wildcat, Zilla-R, … and many more racing cars.Download Car Stunt Races Mod

The graphics of the Car Stunt Races Mod are built on a 3D platform. The images are sharp, and the racing environment is designed to be very realistic. Especially the effects of the game bring a more realistic and vivid feeling than ever. For example, when hitting an obstacle, the glass of the car is broken and the body is easily deformed. Combined with the engine sound of the exhaust pipe when you press the gas or when the car crashes into an object on the road.

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