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Become a mayor in the world of Cartoon City 2 Mod. With the task of building a developed city. A series of jobs for you to perform such as building constructions, decorating houses, etc. Moreover, you also have to develop farms, grow crops and raise livestock to earn extra income. As a mayor yourself, every decision you make will directly affect the city. Therefore, you will be responsible for your decisions. The game helps you build a dream city, perform various activities to make that dream come true.

Download Cartoon City 2 Mod – Become a Mayor with the Mission of Building a Dream City

As a mayor of the city, you have to perform hundreds of different tasks. Starting from sowing seeds, raising livestock to building constructions. Everything will have to be done one by one to develop the dream city step by step. At first, Cartoon City 2 Mod will guide you through the basic steps to get used to. Then you will have to work on your own to build a modern city. The buildings after being built, not only change the face of the city but also help you earn a lot of money. In particular, everything in the game is closely linked. For example, after harvesting food crops, you can take them to a bread factory. Or produce fresh milk from dairy cows.Download Cartoon City 2 Mod

Construction of works

The game owns a lot of buildings for you to build. Divided into various systems such as buildings, roads, vehicles, and trains. Each project costs a lot of money to complete. Cartoon City 2 Mod can be considered an emirate. Because you can be self-sufficient and develop the way you want. A series of buildings such as houses, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing plants, etc. for you to build. Besides, you can use the train to move to nearby cities. Learn and communicate with other mayors, learn how to design and build their cities. Apply the best to your city.Cartoon City 2 Mod APK

Develop a zoo, build a living environment

In addition to building modern buildings, Cartoon City 2 Mod allows players to open a zoo in the city. Here, you can nurture natural animals such as giraffes, pandas, lions, rhinos, etc. Each animal lives in a different environment. You need to arrange their habitat and habitat accordingly. For example, pandas often live in lush green bamboo forests. Giraffes need to live in places with tall trees. Or lions and salamanders living in a spacious environment.

Planting trees, taking care of animals

Building a farm is a very important thing because it is the source of food and resources for the city. Right at the start of Cartoon City 2 Mod, you will have to grow food by planting seeds. Water and fertilize them to keep them healthy. At the same time take care of the dairy cows, give them water and food to achieve good health. Harvest on time for high yield. You can then expand the area to grow more varieties of food crops.Game Cartoon City 2 Mod

Graphic design, interface, and sound

The game uses 3D graphics, opening up an extremely vivid virtual space. The content revolves around the construction and development of the city. Vivid interface, making it easy for players to use and implement. You just need to touch the corresponding items to play the game. Bright picture quality, giving players a feeling of friendliness and closeness. Especially the shapes of buildings, shops, and animals in the game, are depicted in great detail and care. They have a fun style, with interesting expressions. At the same time, the character design is diverse, each with a different working style. Combined with fun background music, along with interesting sound melodies. Give players an unforgettable engaging experience.Cartoon City 2 mod

Cartoon City 2 Mod is an entertainment game, developed by foranj. Here, you can develop the city in your own style. Build farms and zoos, create habitats for wild animals. Develop the farm by raising livestock, growing many different varieties of plants. Harvest them to earn extra income. Everything you do has a purpose to make the city beautiful. Make the city a first-class metropolis. Improve people’s living standards, build works, decorate the city. Create lots of fun activities for people to participate in.

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