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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Castle Creeps TD Mod is a strategy game published by Outplay Entertainment Ltd. Bring fighting style, with tower defense missions. Players will enter fascinating battles, to prevent the enemy from attacking. You will become a captain, with the task of leading your army to participate in the defense war. The match was extremely tense and chaotic. Along with the onslaught of monsters, the player must have a complete plan. Because they will destroy everything that comes before their eyes. With the responsibility on your shoulders, you will have to protect the castle in the safest way. By killing all the monsters before they arrive.

Download Castle Creeps TD Mod – Defend the Citadel from Monster Invasion

The context of Castle Creeps TD Mod takes place in a large castle. Everyone’s life is filled with peace and laughter. But time did not last long, suddenly one day the monsters came to the outskirts of the castle. They lurched with the intention of taking over the castle to make a base and everything was in chaos. Realizing that danger would come very quickly without the intervention of the army. Join the game, you will become a general. With the task of leading and directing his soldiers to destroy the monsters. To keep the castle safe and keep everyone from being attacked by monsters.Castle Creeps TD Mod

Interesting gameplay

During the battle, the player will have to come up with a smart strategy. Along with the skill of arranging formations, send each team to the battlefield to stop the attack of monsters. Combine with powerful heroes standing in key positions and supported by defensive towers. Will help you destroy the enemy quickly. Not stopping there, the enemy will attack in turn in teams. They do not go in a single direction but will split into many different directions. So you need to be alert and observe a wide area. As well as arranging heroes to stand in weak places. In addition, Castle Creeps TD Mod is not simply protecting the attack of common spirits. Your real enemies are the bosses in the back. They are large monsters and usually appear later at the end of the match.Download Castle Creeps TD Mod

Various maps

Castle Creeps TD Mod game offers you hundreds of battles and is divided into many different chapters. Each match will bring you extremely interesting experiences. Because the location takes place in many places such as the suburbs, the fiery battlefield, in the desert,. After completing the match, the player will receive a bonus corresponding to the achievement achieved. Using that money, you can unlock many new heroes. Or upgrade the tower, helping to attack with higher damage. Besides, during the battle, you need to pay attention to the enemy forces. Not every enemy will stop to fight your army. Some soldiers will move cleverly to reach the gate. Now you need to quickly destroy them right away if you don’t want to lose.Game Castle Creeps TD Mod

The heroes

Heroes in Castle Creeps TD Mod play a very important role in defending the castle. They have outstanding strength and powerful skills. So you will have to arrange the heroes in the appropriate position, helping to prevent the enemy’s attack. Besides, the game provides you with a diverse character system. Including the gladiator Lance, possessing a sword in his hand with strong defense. Mage Eris with magical power, causing enemies to quickly annihilate. And there are many other heroes, like Time, Magnus, Aleah, Celeste, and Kaylen. Each character possesses unique strength and fighting ability. However, players need to spend a corresponding amount of money to unlock it.Castle Creeps TD Mod APK

Defense Tower

Besides, in the battle, the heroes will be supported by defense towers. Includes Sentinel, Magic, Bow, Infantry, and Cannon. Each tower plays a very important role, they help the heroes attack the enemy. And weaken the enemy’s power. However, players cannot use it completely for free. But the number of uses of defense towers is limited. If you want to use them continuously and regularly, you will have to spend a corresponding amount. In addition, Castle Creeps TD Mod allows you to upgrade the tower, which increases the ability to damage enemies.Tai Castle Creeps TD Mod

Using the earned money, the player can unlock all the powerful heroes. And upgrade to the maximum as well as use the defense tower as a support tool. This will be a great advantage to help you easily win and defeat the enemy quickly. In addition, Castle Creeps TD Mod is designed with sharp 3D graphics. The scene takes place in many different locations, which will give players interesting experiences. Combined with sound quality, expressed through the fun background music.

Download Castle Creeps TD Mod APK 1.50.1 (Unlimited Money)

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