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Update October 15, 2021 (2 years ago)

By joining Cat Forest, you will experience and discover the life of extremely cute cats. All activities take place with extremely bustling, fun-like people. For pet lovers, this is really a wonderful experience. Embark on an adventure, picnic to distant, peaceful lands. Enjoy the fresh, quiet air. For you to relax, extremely satisfied entertainment after hours of tiring studying. There are many different species of cats living here. The special thing is that the cats here can speak human language. More specifically, they can talk to you at any time. Prepare all the tools, utensils, etc. To start the exciting and exciting adventure right away.

Download Cat Forest Mod – Camping with cats in a peaceful land

The plot of the gameplay tells us that the main character in the game has a lot of pressure and fatigue. He wants to relieve stress, go to a faraway place to forget all his troubles. Therefore, the character connected with his feline friends to plan a picnic. Cat Forest mod will let you choose where you will go. In a place far away, no one knows about this place. Ensure closeness to nature, charming scenery. Bring a dreamy, fanciful space, extremely attractive to players. Gameplay has a gameplay that is considered by gamers to be relatively difficult, fussy, and very complicated. Players will have to perform many continuous, detailed, and precise operations. If there is a mistake, it will lead to many difficult consequences. Search, collect materials to set up camp, make food.

Cat Forest mod

Manage members

In the adventure journey, camping in this remote place. There needs to be 1 person at the top, managing everyone and directing and assigning work. That person is none other than you. Please control all activities of all members. When you first arrive, you need to divide the work assigned to each person to perform. Make sure to finish setting up camp before dark. Because when night falls, there are many wild animals, strange creatures, and fog. Quiet space, with the sound of flowing streams, howling wolves make you fall into a deeper sleep. Complete daily system tasks to receive rewards. Turn this space into the most romantic and beautiful paradise.

Game Cat Forest mod

Natural change

In Cat Forest Mod everything is changed, happening just like in reality. Players will start the game and find these things happen slowly, slowly. Time will pass from day to night, along with the weather also changing cycles. Sometimes it’s raining, sometimes it’s sunny, there are times when the wind is gentle, accompanied by the sound of birds singing, creating an extremely poetic and peaceful space. You also need to be very careful with rainstorms. It can blow away all the tents at any time. If you don’t want this to happen, make sure the stake is firmly planted.

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Character system

The main character along with the supporting characters in the game are all extremely cute cats. They know how to speak human language, chatting with each other is extremely fun. Starting a journey will have 5 people participating in the experience with you. If you want a more dynamic number to create a vibrant and bustling atmosphere for the forest, you need coins. At the same time, you also have to create an attraction in your trip. To attract more people interested, pay more attention.

Build a farm

In addition to the main job of setting up a camp, you can also create farms and gardens to grow plants. There are many types of food for players to freely plant. Like: Potato, carrot, squash, sweet potato, etc…. Along with that are livestock such as Pigs, chickens, ducks, compartments, etc… This is a very new and special feature. Because in reality, you may not have seen cats go to other animals before, right? Great experience for gamers to explore extremely interesting.

Cat Forest mod apk

If you want to immerse yourself in nature, discover new and wonderful things, come to Cat Forest right away. An extremely interesting experience on the adventure journey with cute cats. Players will create their own space. The attraction helps to attract more people to join. Let’s turn this deserted, quiet forest into a paradise, more attractive. Download Cat Forest Mod to explore the world of cats and enjoy camping.

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