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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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1. Unlimited Gold*
2. Unlimited Woods*
3. Unlimited Stones*
*spend as you want even don’t have enough

Champions of Avan Mod is a role-playing game with an interesting construction style. Step into a mysterious land, this place is extremely desolate and seemingly devoid of life. Your task is to build a civilization, with great progress on this land. A series of dangerous missions and challenges, which can cost you your life at any time. The forest keepers lurking in the dark, appeared out of nowhere. Attack life and destroy what you are trying to build. Therefore, find a way to protect yourself and fight the forest guards. Defeat them to protect the land you are trying to build.

Download Champions of Avan Mod – Building Human Civilization

Developer Early Morning Studio built the Champions of Avan Mod game with a compelling storyline. Bringing engaging content, making it interesting for players to participate. The scene opens in a small village located in a gloomy forest, covered by the forests of the land of Roker. This place was once very developed by human civilization, but that is only in the past. A tribe of forest guards appeared, they destroyed the place and took all the treasure. With the rule of a ferocious dragon, it will attack those who enter its territory.Champions of Avan Mod

Gathering materials

Join Champions of Avan Mod your mission is to build a civilization on the land of Roker. Starting from a few small units, you will have to search and gather resources to build a modern city. Collect wood, stone, and some other materials in the forest or on the ruins to build structures. Attack the lair of the rangers to steal gold. But be careful with the monsters, if you accidentally go into their territory, you will be in danger. With expansive gameplay, you’re free to do what you like. Even build an empire of your own, create a great kingdom in this gloomy forest.Game Champions of Avan Mod

Recruit warriors and upgrade them

The game is a combination of role-playing and tactical elements. Therefore, it is indispensable for powerful heroes to fight. Champions of Avan Mod provides a diverse character system such as Xaphan, Inyen, Ayabe, etc. They are powerful warriors, possessing outstanding fighting ability. You can recruit them through battles or use gold to invite warriors to join. Join them in their battles and defeat all the enemies that stand in your way of building a civilized city. Besides, each warrior has their own strength, they all have advantages and disadvantages. You can upgrade warriors to improve their weaknesses. At the same time increases damage to help them increase their fighting ability.Download Champions of Avan Mod

Fight with forest guards and monsters

In the process of building the great city on the land of Roker. Players will encounter a lot of challenges and difficulties, especially in the early stages. Your enemies are ferocious forest guards and hordes of evil monsters, along with a fearsome dragon. They are all rulers of this gloomy land. If you accidentally step into their territory, you can lose your life at any time. So, in addition to being careful in all situations, you need to equip weapons and costumes for warriors. Because your only way is to defeat them to continue your goal. In particular, if you want to steal gold from the forest guards, you have no choice but to defeat them.

Explore many dangerous lands

Start from a small village in the vast land of Roker. There are many resources for you to find here, but that is not enough for you to build civilization. Therefore, you need to expand your search to get more valuable resources. Champions of Avan Mod takes you to many different locations. From swamps, caves, valleys, lakes to dense forests. Parallel to those locations is the surrounding dangers. You can meet any monster or forest guard. If you do not quickly escape or defeat them, you will very easily lose your life.Ear Champions of Avan Mod

Champions of Avan Mod opens an exciting, construction-style adventure. Presents a lot of challenges and dangers, requiring players to overcome. The result of civilization building is based on your ability. This means the fate of the city is up to you and decide. In addition, you will enter a gloomy space. It can be said that this place is engulfed in death and danger. With the scene and everything in the dark, creating a scary scene. Along with the screams of warriors and enemies in battle. Promises to bring exciting experiences for players.

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