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Update October 8, 2021 (2 years ago)
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If you are looking for an application with features to support you to play games on the Nintendo 3DS platform android operating system. Then you don’t have to search anymore because Citra Emulator is for you. This App is a tool to support you to play games with better experiences like on PC. In other words, this is a mobile emulator, a PC platform emulator. In fact, there are games that are very good, very attractive but can only be played on consoles. And not all of us have enough money to buy a game console and experience it. That is why the publisher Citra Emulator has researched and launched this super product.

Download Citra Emulator Mod – An emulator that supports playing games on android

Citra Emulator Mod gives players an interface that turns their phone into a real gaming machine. This application was launched in 2014 and is now almost 7 years old. During this 7-year journey, the game publisher has constantly renewed and updated many new features. To be able to help maintain a fan base and more than that is to bring users the best. Until 2021, this app has supported and run almost all Nintendo 3DS games. With design as well as equipped with the most modern technology. Users will get the experience as if they are holding a real game console. And as we all know, back in the day this application could only run on the PC platform. However, today, after the construction journey,

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Can play many games

In the past, when the new version was not updated, Citra Emulator mostly only ran classic and outdated games. However, today the game publisher has updated the PC version with many features equipped with much more modern technology. Especially, this emulator has helped integrate more features to be able to play many other games. Not just classic, outdated games like the old days anymore. Players can update new games and experiences easily right on their phones. Or you can download those games on the website and experience them offline.


The graphics of Citra Emulator are neither too strong nor too outstanding. However, running on 2D graphics still gives players a really great experience. At the same time, you can also see that. The graphics are not too high to help reduce the capacity and give extremely smooth processing speed. You will never see fps drops when playing games. Besides, the sound is also extremely lively to help players get more excited.

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Optimize the capacity of your phone

What makes many people feel excited and especially those who have a phone with a configuration that is not too high to be able to play heavy games. Then with the optimization feature up to 99%, users can free up a large amount of space. Besides, you also get a larger storage space. With the near-perfect optimization, users will have moments of smooth game experience and certainly no lag when playing games. Even if it is a good phone, if it is not optimized, there may still be a phenomenon of lag, normal fps reduction.

Citra Emulator is a pretty quality emulator that helps players get the same experience as they are playing games on a real game console. However, a small note for you is that in the regular version, the player will have quite a few features. And it is not possible to completely play today’s popular games. So do not hesitate any longer without downloading immediately Citra Emulator Mod version to your device to be able to unlock all features. Experience it for free right now.

Download Citra Emulator Mod APK bed6a4f12 (Premium Unlocked)

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