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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Clan N Mod is an action game genre released by Creative, the game is a perfect combination of action, ancient, animation. Inspired by the dark era that everyone wants to be forgotten in the ancient Far East country, there is the appearance of the four talented Ninja. Join the game you will become one of 4 Ninja warriors, and fight the dark forces, find out your own abilities. Currently, the gameplay is free to download on two applications, the App Store and Google Play, making it easy for players to access. Along with the Mod feature, unlimited money will bring you the best experience.

Download Clan N Mod – Fight To Bring Balance To The World

Set in the Far East, there is a group of 4-person Ninja called Clan N, including a ninja named Akuji who discovers the world is balanced by three fields including Knowledge, peace, and time. More specifically, he learned about the power of these three fields and discovered. If one of the three things is destroyed, the world will lose its balance, thereby creating conditions for the ultimate power to grow, and if absorbed it will become the hegemon. However, Akuji’s actions were discovered and banished from Clan N’s group, no longer entangled or under the control of anyone. He is determined to set out to find the power of darkness by destroying the balance of the world.
Clan N Mod

Attractive gameplay

Joining the Hack Clan N players will choose to become one of the four Ninja, with the aim of bringing balance to the world and defeating the evil Akuji and former fellow Clan N fellow. As a mission, you will encounter many different challenges and difficulties. So equip yourself with solid skills and over time need to hone and improve those skills to increase your combat ability and be more effective. Along with that is the appearance of many monsters with different shapes such as giant spiders, tall beasts, octopus or even large boulders are your obstacles.

Character system

Clan N Mod offers players an attractive character system with different powers including:

  • Akira possesses a sword in hand with the power of lightning that can create electric shock moves that cause enemies to be destroyed quickly.
  • Reina holds the ultimate staff, with the ability to make the ground shake and create terrifying towns.
  • Daiki wields two swords in his hand, with the ability to create powerful tornadoes that cause enemies to be swept into the air.
  • Tarou is a priest who possesses ultimate magic, has the ability to call upon the appearance of dragons to fight.

Tai Clan N Mod

Each Ninja warrior of the Clan N group has different special powers, but they were stolen by Akuji. Thus, in the process of fighting, they will find their power again to go to the door who finally meets Akuji to destroy him and return balance to the world.

Game mode

For players to have different challenges and create difficulty and keep the game from getting boring, Clan N Mod provides you with 7 game modes with more than 50 different missions for you to unleash your exploration. Not yet guys, the long-standing soldiers appear along your way. Besides, you should be careful with these soldiers because they can cause a great danger to you. Each mode will have different interesting challenges, as well as the game’s mission will increase as you complete the previous challenge. After completing the mission you will receive a bonus amount corresponding to the achievement achieved in the match.

Graphics and sound

Clan N Mod is designed with Pixel graphics in classic 2D with the length of the image, you can feel the details through each photo. Besides, the context of the game is also a great advantage, with the battles taking place continuously and non-stop, making you feel like you are attracted to the game. Combined with great graphic effects that are displayed through the character’s skills, such as lightning from the sky or mountains flying up from the ground. In addition, the sound quality is also very realistic that you can feel through the character’s scream or the weapon’s slash, which will give players more excitement when participating.Game Clan N Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the Clan N game, players will experience an infinite amount of money. With that huge amount of money, you can use it to buy the necessary items and equip your character with special powers. Besides, the game is entertaining to help you have relaxing moments when participating. and is a medicine to help you relieve stress after a long hard workday. Download the game Clan N Mod to explore your own strengths and defeat Akuji to bring balance to the world.

Download Clan N Mod APK 1.4.5 (Unlimited Money)

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