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Coin Trip is a highly entertaining game, along with the uniqueness that the publisher brings. Here you will transform into a guy who adventures everywhere and build many constructions. But first, you need to make a lot of money at the casino so that you can prepare for your trip. There will be a lot of bonus tiles in one spin. Like: build a house, attack other people’s buildings or defend to protect your own house. If other casinos have to place money, here players are completely free. At the start, the system will give you 50 energy. After each spin, you will lose 1. If they run out, it will take a few hours for them to recover before they can continue. When you have enough money, you can build your own house very solidly. Then start the trip around the world with the map that the system has given. Hand-created world-like wonders such as Egyptian Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, etc.

Download Coin Trip Mod – Become a famous builder

In Coin Trip Mod you will be provided with a small piece of land to build a house. Complete your home firmly and with a protective fence. Otherwise, they will be in danger at any time. Other players are always trying to destroy your buildings to get money. So choose the best materials and upgrade them continuously, keeping the house stable. Each building has 3 things to complete, namely: House, surrounding landscape, and car. In addition to making money at the casino, players can also receive construction for a certain project. When completed you will receive a huge amount of money. You can buy better equipment and materials for your home. If you want to show off your results to your friends, take a photo and post it on your personal page. After completing a project, you will go to another place anywhere in the world. Make a beautiful wonder that will make you proud of your achievement. With a rich map system for players to freely explore and open up new lands to start conquering.

Coin Trip mod

Rotation luck

Surely you gamers are no stranger to the rotation. Something that appears in quite a few games. In Coin Trip this is the main tool for players to make money. If you get 3 of the same squares, you will get a double reward. It can be money or treasure chests. If it is a bomb, you will be given a cannon to bombard your opponents’ buildings. Interrupt their competition for you. After running out of the provided spins, return to the map and continue your journey.

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Become the best engineer

The ultimate goal of building constructions is to compete for the top spot. Try to create the most beautiful buildings to put your name on the world rankings. There will be many contests held for everyone to participate in. Rated on the following criteria: Fast, beautiful, and durable. Based on that, whoever has the highest score will become the winner. The rewards of the contest are enough for you to build a big city. Join and conquer all the challenges. Practice your skills well, nothing can make it difficult for you.

Coin Trip mod apk

Attack the opponent

There are many competitors who are competing with you fiercely on the leaderboard. Use the bombs you collect from the wheel to attack them. Slow down the construction progress and drop the rank quickly. Take that opportunity to jump up and make your project the brightest. But opponents can do the same. So buy the most advanced barriers to protect your works. Makes the attack power insignificant. However, there are many people who want to compete with you so the house is most likely to be bombarded many times. But don’t give up, keep trying your luck with the wheel. Waiting for the opportunity to avenge them.

Graphics and sound

Coin Trip Mod is designed like cartoon movies. With colorful 3D graphics, unique and vivid images make players feel excited. Surely when entering the game you will be overwhelmed by the colors in here. From high-rise buildings to small houses, all are very delicate and attractive color schemes. Fun sounds create a relaxing atmosphere. Flexible changes depending on the context. For example: When you build buildings, there will be fun music. When it comes to the rotation, there will be suspenseful and dramatic sounds.

Coin Trip mod game

Coin Trip has extremely simple gameplay. You don’t need to calculate tactics. Just work hard to build more buildings. Conquer every map the system offers. And of course, thanks in part to luck in the casino. Constantly working hard to get yourself on the leaderboard. Download Coin Trip Mod to become the best construction engineer in the world, creating beautiful and unique wonders.

Download Coin Trip Mod APK 2.0.104 (Unlimited coins, spins)

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